In Champaign IL, and the surrounding towns, the cable television, electrical, gas, telephone and water services are all owned and operated by private companies. The following list is provided as a courtesy to facilitate contacting the companies that operate these utilities:

Cable Television:

Comcast, 866-594-1234 
DIRECTV, 888-777-2454 
DISH Network, 800-823-4929 
Exede, 855-627-2553



Existing ATT Customers - AT&T, 800-288-2020


COMCAST, 866 -594-1234
HughesNet, 877-619-5321

McLeodUSA, 217-239-3976  

Consolidated Communications, 217-239-3008

Exede 855-627-2553 
Midwest Communication Group, Inc., 217-344-5678


Illinois-American Water Company, 217-352-1420

Electricity and Gas:

Ameren Illinois, 800-755-5000


All refuse collection in the City of Champaign is handled by private haulers. The haulers listed below can be found in the yellow pages and are known to provide residential service:

ABC Sanitary Hauling, 217-356-0909 
Allied Waste, 217-367-2278 
Illini Recycling, 217-356-0648

Area Disposal Service, Inc., 217-359-5188
Cook Sanitary, 217-493-1232

Corray Sanitary, 217-586-3756 
MCI Services, 217-337-6301

Hayden Sanitary, 217-356-0216 
Shaffer’s Sanitary Company, 217-367-7119

Utility Location “Call Before You Dig”:

J.U.L.I.E., 8-1-1


Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District, 217-367-3409