Simon, Sadie & Nelly


If you were to meet me for the first time you would find out fairly quickly that I am a pet lover and then that I have three babies….more precisely, I have three pups that are like my children: Simon, Sadie, and Nelly.

Sadly I lost my precious Pharis in 2018 and added Nelly to the family in 2019.

To say my pups are spoiled would probably be an understatement, but I believe that if you are going to have dogs that they should be part of your family.

Having three dogs has taken me over the edge in my daily life since I added Nelly. Nelly is 4 years old. Her owners gave her up because they did not have enough time in the day to give to her. My dog sitter alerted me that she was available and asked if I wanted to be her new mommy. I said yes and I am so glad I took her. She is a howling con artist and loves to sit on my lap.

Sadie came to me in 2018. She was a breeder dog and lived a poor life in a cage. She was in bad shape when I got her. She did not know how to go up and down stairs and was not house broken. She is my barker and so excited to be part of the family. So that gives me one howler and one barker so far.

Then there is my sweet and shy Simon. When I lost my precious Pharis I tried to get another senior cavalier. I lost out on several and thought I was being discriminated against for younger folks and children. That ticked me off so I just looked at about 600 puppy shots and picked out my Simon when he was 9 months old. He is my baby and such a happy dog.

I suppose after three dogs it just doesn’t matter much. I think??????