5 Easy DIY Appliance Reapairs (And 2 to Leave For the Pros)

Appliance are those things in life that we take for granted - until they break. Then our whole day goes down the drain (unless it's clogged). Repairing appliances can end up costing a lot of money and can be time-consuming to schedule. Sometimes, however, you can repair an appliance yourself. Here are 5 repairs you can do yourself, and two you shouldn't.

Replace the Thermostat in The Dryer

When you dryer won't heat up, the thermostat is usually to blame. A new thermostat can be bought at most hardware stores for under $80, which is a pretty big savings on most dryer repairs, which cost around $180. Just find your dryer manual and it should guide you to the location of the thermostat. And you can bet there's a helpful YouTube video to guide you further if needed.

Clear the Drain in the Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher not draining? Just like when your sink doesn't drain, it's most likely a clog. You can clear this out with a shop vac.  Disconnect the drain and insert the vac hose. Run the hose for a few minutes, then try the dishwasher again. This method can save you on further dishwasher repairs.

Replace the Fan in the Freezer

A bad freezer fan can be the reason your freezer isn't keeping things cold. This fan circulates the cold air through the freezer. If it goes out, then the cold air won't reach those areas. A new fan will cost round $85 at your local hardware store. It can be replaced ina few minutes with a screwdriver. Just remove the cover, unscrew and disconnect the fan, and put in the new one. Now you've saved a lot of money.

Clean Coils in the Refrigerator

Dirty coils can lead to your fridge not staying as cold as it should. You can find them under or behind the unit, and they can collect a lot of debris, dust, and pet hair. When that happens, they can end up freezing, instead of cooling the inside. To clean them, just unplug the fridge, slide it out and go around the back to where you can see the coils. You can use a vacuum, a duster, or a cloth and get them clean. Then just put your fridge back in place, plug it back in, and give it an hour to get back down to its normal temperature.

Unclog the Burner in the Gas Stove

Is you gas stove having trouble lighting, or giving off a gas smell? This may just be a small issue that you can fix. If the electricity and gas lines are fine, it could be a clogged burner. Shut off the gas to the stove, then grab a small brush and some cleanser. Clean the burner head well, scrubbing it out. When you turn on the gas and turn the burner, it should light right up. 

When to Call a Pro

These fixes above are easy. But here are two things that definitely need a pro.

Repair the Icemaker Broken on the Fridge

If your icemaker suddenly dies, and it’s still connected to the water supply, the problem is most likely the compressor. The cost to repair the icemaker can get up to $300 depending on the brand. This is the costliest part of repairing a refrigerator and necessitates some major work on the refrigerator itself. This will need a pro, as things can easily be made worse if the repair is done wrong. 

Repair the Microwave

If you own a more expensive microwave and it needs repaired, call an expert. Never work on a microwave yourself. They can leak microwave radiation into the rest of your home if not properly sealed when working, so before you start poking around in there, call a professional for help.  Or just buy a new microwave if it's old enough and a replacement will cost the same as repair.

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5 Easy DIY Appliance Reapairs (And 2 to Leave For the Pros)

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