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2020-01-15 13:24:36
What to Consider When Buying a Champaign County Home in the Winter

What to consider when buying a Champaign County home in the winter.Buying a home in Champaign County during the winter months has definite advantages. There are usually fewer buyers on the market to compete with during the winter. You also have a better chance of closing the deal on a home.

There are a few factors to consider when buying a home in Champaign - Urbana during the winter. Here are 3 things to think about.

1. Look Beneath Snow and Ice

Champaign averages 20 inches of snow per year. If you're looking to buy a home and there's still snow on the ground, it could be hiding some major issues. That's why you need a professional home inspector to look at a home you're seriously considering. This is something you should do even when the weather is nice. But with snow or ice on the ground, it's especially important.

After the inspection, you can use any issues as a contingency, or back away from the deal. Either way, the cost of a professional inspection is worth it to avoid a headache in the future.

2. Look for Signs of Heating/Insulation Problems 

Looking for a home during the winter is an easy way of telling how well the home retains heat.

One tell-tale sign of a poorly insulated roof is long icicles. Those pretty icicles are formed when heat from the roof melts the now and it's over the edge of the roof or gutters. This means the roof is not properly insulated. When you're inside the home, check to see if cold air comes in through the doors and windows.

Also check out how the home is heated. Is the heating or HVAC outdated or functioning improperly? If so, you could have to replace the whole system, which would obviously be expensive.

3. Look for Signs of Household Pests

We don't like cold weather, and neither do animals. Pests are going to find the warmest place they can, and that usually means a house. Rodents are usually the main offenders, but there can be other pests as well, such as bats, raccoons, snakes, and insects.

Make sure you check areas such as the basement and attic for signs such as pings, holes in the wall, and smells. If you have any suspicions, then you might hire a pest control service to look deeper for you if you really want to buy the home. It may be expensive, but just like the home inspector, it's worth the cost.

These tips above can make the difference between buying the perfect home or the proverbial lemon. Don't let the winter months deter you from buying a home in Champaign County. Take advantage of this time to find your ideal home.

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2020-01-15 13:24:36
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