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2019-12-16 16:59:56
Protect Your Champaign - Urbana Home From Crime
Protect Your Champaign - Urbana Home From CrimeIt's not pleasant to think about, but home crimes happen and can happen to anyone at any time. As a homeowner, you no doubt want to protect your family and prevent any crimes from happening to them or your home, and much of the responsibility of keeping your property safe and secure rests on you.

The ultimate goal of protecting your home is to prevent criminals from damaging, stealing, or breaking into your home in the first place. That involves more than just locking the doors and windows. Even your online activity can be a security gap. Criminals can even scope out a place to target online. That means you need to be careful not to announce when you're on a long trip or planning one.

Here's a few simple tips to keep your home in Champaign - Urbana safe:

  • Even if you’re home, lock windows and external doors when not in use.
  • Lock up your home, even if you go out only for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window.
  • If you lose your keys, change the locks immediately.
  • Don’t put an outdoor spare key in an obvious place like under a doormat or potted plant.
  • Keep a light on when you’re not home. This could signal to potential intruders that someone is inside the home, potentially deterring them from trying to break in.
  • Don't leave notes for service people or family members on the door. These act as a welcome mat for a burglar.
  • Keep items of value, like fine jewelry and gaming consoles, out of plain view as much as possible.
  • If you leave your home for an extended period of time, have a trusted friend or family member grab your mail while you’re away. You can also place a hold on your mail with the post office.
Technology Can Help

Of course, by now you've heard about smart home systems that can keep an eye on your home while you're away. You can start with a device as simple as a video doorbell, or up to camera alarms that are professionally monitored 24/7. Here's a few options:

  • Easy to install outdoor motion sensors. These range from $20 - $100.
  • Smart camera system to watch your home remotely through a phone app. These will alert you when they sense motion or someone trips a sensor.
  • Make sure to hide any wiring, as they can be cut and could disable your security system.
  • If you don't have the budget, even a fake security sign or sticker on the window can deter criminals.
How can you make sure your home is secure? You can plan to 'burglarize' your own home to discover any weaknesses in your security.

If you follow these tips, you can help reduce the chances of your home being the target of criminal activity.

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