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2019-11-13 11:22:33
Taking Care of Your Pets in This Cold Champaign Weather
As everyone well knows, it's been getting pretty chilly lately here in Champaign - Urbana. We humans know how to stay warm, but we also have to keep our furry friends in mind as well during this colder weather. The thing to keep in mind is that pets are just as vulnerable to the cold as we are. Here's a few tips to help keep your pets safe and warm this winter.
  1. Don't leave your pets outside at night. Temperatures can dip below 20 deg here in Champaign County.
  2. Cover your pet's paws with booties or rub petroleum jelly or a paw protectant on their paws before they go outside.
  3. Keep an eye out for frostbite, especially on vulnerable parts of their body like paws, legs, tail, and ears.
  4. Anitfreeze is dangerous to cats and dogs. Make sure to clean up any spills in your garage or driveway. Seek immediate veterinary care if you think they've ingested any amount.
  5. Wipe the snow and other winter substances off your pet's paws when they come in.
  6. Find a cute sweater to put on your dog or cat if they have short hair.
  7. Did you know that more dogs are lost during winter months? Make sure to use a leash when taking them for a walk and that they have current tags and microchip info.
  8. Don't bathe your dogs as much during the winter to help prevent dry skin.
You never know when we could be snowed in, so make sure you have a cold weather pet emergency kit ready just in case.  With a little extra care, you can make sure your pets weather the cold this winter in Champaign County.

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