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2019-08-08 10:20:26
Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a Home In Champaign - Urbana

Buying a home in Champaign - Urbana should be a great experience. But sometimes when we get too excited, we can make mistakes that can end up costing time and money during the home buying process.

What are some of the common Champaign - Urbana home buying mistakes, and how can you avoid them?

Making an Offer on a Home You Haven't seen in Person

So you found the perfect home in Champaign - Urbana online, or so it seems. But photos online only tell a small part of the story of a home. It's critical to view a home in the flesh.

Consider this:

  • The images you see online are only what the selling agents wants you to see. You're not seeing every possible detail, only because that's impossible.
  • To really evaluate a home, you need to physically be inside it and using all of your senses. You need to feel how the space flows. Your nose and ears will also tell you a lot about the home.
  • Wide angle lenses make homes look larger.

Before you make an offer, look at the home, the yard, and the neighborhood in person.

Talking to the Agent at an Open House

When you go to an open house, remember that the agent hosting it probably works for the seller. That means they have the seller's interests at heart, not yours. So if you try to negotiate with the seller's agent, you could compromise your negotiation.

That's why you need your own agent to make the deal. They work for you and know how to negotiate the best price.


'If a House Doesn't Have Everything On My List, I'm Not Looking At It.'

It's a great idea to make a list of all the things that matter to you in a home. You can decide from that list what you really need in a home.

But make sure that your list doesn't become a straitjacket. No home will ever likely have everything on your list. Would you trade the tight neighborhood for the right countertops? You need to prioritize your list to make sure it guides you to the right home and not keep you from it.

Not sure what should go on your list? This worksheet can help you get your priorities straight: The Ultimate “I Wanna Buy a House' Checklist.

We can help you find the perfect home for sale in Champaign - Urbana. Our easy-to-use home search feature can help you start the process. Come back to our blog every week for more Champaign - Urbana real estate advice. Make sure to follow us on Facebook!
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