What Should I Expect Once I List My Home?

What Should I Expect Once I List My Home?



1. Showings Can Occur Without Much Notice

2. Realtor May Not Leave A Card

3. Realtor May Show Up Early, Late or Not At All To Their Appointment

4. Realtors Show Their Clients Multiple Properties At Once, So Try To Work In Their Time Frame Not Yours

5. Pets Could Get Out Of House During A Showing If They Have Not Been Secured In Cages Prior To The Viewing

6. Doors May Not Get Locked And Lights May Be Left On

7. Key May Not Get Returned To Key Box

8. Valuables Could Go Missing If Left In Open Viewing

9. Many Buyers Have Allergies And May Not Want To See Your Home If You Have Animals And If Your Home Smells Like Pets/Smoke

10. Do Not Leave Candles Burning When You Are Away From Your Home During A Showing

11. If You Refuse A Showing You May Never Get A Showing For That Same Buyer Again

12. Weather Can Affect Showings

13. Community Events Can Affect Showings

14. Holidays Can Affect Showings

15. Realtor May Accidentally Activate Your Alarm System, So Make The Process Easy For Them

16. Realtors Don’t Like Other Realtors Or Sellers Present During A Showing With Their Buyers

17. Buyers Don’t Like It Either

***If You Show Your Home To A Buyer Without Your Realtor And Are Able To Sell It, You Are Still Faced With The Possibility Of Paying A Commission To Your Realtor***



1. No Kind Of Inspections Should Occur On Your Property Unless You Have Given Permission

2. Work With Your Realtor To Schedule All Inspections



1. Buyers Like To Negotiate

2. Expect Buyers To Ask For

A. Personal Property

B. Financial Assistance

C. Warranties

D. Additional Inspections

E. Repairs To Be Completed Prior To Closing


Buyer Qualifications

1. Loan Approval Letter With Credit Check

2. Earnest Money

3. Loan Commitment Date

4. Buyer’s Buyer Qualifications