What I Like About My Community

What I Like About My Community

What I like about my Community


* A lively mix of people from all over the world have made Champaign-Urbana   their home.

* We have great community diversity of everything from people, experiences,     architecture, arts, restaurants, etc.

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* This is a great community to raise a      family, get an education, employment  opportunities, and not have to deal with  the big-city problems.

* Downtown night scene

* You can travel East/West/North/South  through the streets of Champaign-  Urbana in 20 minutes.

* A small town feel where you can  decide to be known or not.

*Champaign-Urbana has a thriving  scene for musicians, artists and enthusiasts.

* Living in a College town with great students both from the University of Illinois  and Parkland College.

* A community size small enough that people can make a difference here and  outside of our city boundaries.

* Great cities to entertain yourself with theaters, restaurants, shopping mall,  artists, dancing, fitness, festivals, marathons, and more

* Great Parks

* Easy Access to transportation to Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis

* Food, people, art, dancing, college sports atmosphere

* I love flat land, corn and beans

* I love selling my city and offering my real estate services to the people of our  community and to those new-bees who find their way to our wonderful city. I  fondly refer to as ……welcome to Champoobana!