“"Once upon a time, there was a young couple thinking about their future. Already with a 5 year old daughter, and a baby boy on the way, the realization that it was time to finally find somewhere that they could call their own was overwhelming, not to mention the need for more space. Being first timers into the real estate world, it is easy to get taken advantage of. Questions at every turn, and no answers readily available. How does it all work? Who do we call about this? Who do we need to contact for that? Pre-qualify, find a house, make the offer, work the financing, inspections, and closings .ARGHHH, Talk about a headache! Unknown to us, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. One phone call took care of everything. The questions were answered, the referrals were available, and the fear of owning a $200,000 cardboard box behind Schnucks went away.

Top to bottom and everywhere in between, if you are looking for TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVER, this is whom you want to talk to.

Thanks for everything you did to help us Rose. You have been OUTSTANDING!!! And we LOVE the new house! "
The Grahams (Larry, Frances, Maraya, and CJ) 

“"Rose made my first home buying experience more pleasant than I could have imagined. I greatly appreciated her honesty and thorough knowledge of the area."

Donald and Mary Pearse

"Rose?Thank you so much for the enormous time and effort that you put in to finding such a wonderful selection of homes for us. We feel incredibly lucky to have found you and we will always be incredibly in debt to you for making our move to Illinois so smooth and stress-free."   “

 Michael, Heidi, Gillian and Aidan Moore