Seller Homework

Seller Homework

Seller Information:

First & Last Names-


Phone Numbers-



Please have the following materials ready for your listing appointment?


  1. Two keys to the front door.


  1. Have your last twelve months of utility bills faxed to: 217-378-1281


  1. Letter to Buyer about the benefits and features of your home and community.


  1. Information on assessments (if applicable)


  1. Past appraisals for review only


  1. Color photos of home and landscaping


  1. Alarm Code


  1. Garage Key Pad Code


  1. Name, phone numbers & email address of the following:
  1. Home Owner Association President/Treasurer

Home Owner Association Fee Is

What does fee cover


  1. Gas Company


  1. Electric Company


  1. Water Company


  1. Sanitary Company


  1. Garbage


  1. Phone


  1. Cable


  1. Internet


  1. Newspaper


  1. Are you anticipating any special assessments on your property?


  1. Are there any liens on your property?


  1. Have you had any boundary disputes with your neighbors?


  1. When was the last time the well was inspected?


  1. What is the depth of the well?


  1. Where is the well head located?


  1. Do you have a well agreement?  Who is holding that? What is the payment?


  1. When was the last time the septic was cleaned?


  1. Where is the leach field located? Are there any problems with it?


  1. Do you currently have a Radon Mitigation  System Installed?


  1. What is the age of the roof?


  1. What is the approximate age of the furnace(s)?


  1. What is the approximate age of the water heater/s?


  1. What is the approximate age of the air conditioner?


  1. Do you have any current warranties on your property?


  1. Do you have a sprinkler system?  Where are the controls located?


  1. Do you have an alarm system? Who handles the service?  What is the code?


  1. Do you have a central vac. System? Where are the attachments stored?


  1. What type of pool equipment do you have?


  1. What is the condition of the liner in the pool?


  1. How old is the sump pump? Do you have a backup system in place?


  1. Schedule your pre-home inspection


  1. Schedule your pre-home appraisal