Mt. Zion, IL

Mt. Zion, IL

Mt. Zion

Mount Zion Illinois is a wonderful, small community, just south of Decatur IL. With 5,833 residents, many visitors mistake this community for being a "one stop sign" village that you drive by in a blink of an eye. This couldn't be further from the truth! Mt. Zion IL is a thriving community that focuses on just! 

One particular part of Mt. Zion that locals and visitor's love, and is a Summer staple, is FLETCHER PARK! What is Fletcher Park?  It is Mt. Zion's ideal blend of a recreational area & event facility combined with the natural restoration efforts of Illinois' native plants and animals.  This is a modern marvel and dream park reality brought together by residents and doner's who worked together to see a common goal and dream brought through to fruition.  

The Mt. Zion Community School Districts are ranked within the Top 50 School Districts in the state of Illinois! That's quite a feat considering there are 1,101 school districts in Illinois! There are also several colleges within driving distance of Mt. Zion, some as close as 30 minutes from town. 

Mt. Zion IL also has it's own Golf Course & Country Club, Tennis Courts, Community Pool, Health Club, Access to Sangamon River, Lakes & Beaches, shopping, dining and entertainment options. For more information on the Mt. Zion area, you may check out their website by visiting the following link: Mt. Zion Website