Map & Directions

Map & Directions

Mt. Zion

For more information about the village of Mt. Zion Illinois, including area maps, demographic/statistical information, utility service providers, economic development, services and applications forms, village board information, history of Mt. Zion and more, visit our Mt. Zion community page. 

Ft. Daniels Conservation Area

Ft. Daniel Conservation Area is a 200-acre park near Mt. Zion in southeastern Macon County.  The park’s terrain includes oak-hickory forests, a sugar maple grove, open grasslands, and floodplain forests.  There are many unusual plants in the park, including chinquapin oak, paw paw trees, wager ash and Kentucky coffee trees.  visit the Ft. Daniel Website to learn more. 

Spitler Woods

Spitler Woods is 146-acre nature preserve owned and operated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  

The forest contains red oak, sugar maple, black walnut, and on the hillsides and slopes basswood grows.  Dry-mesic forests containing white oak, red oak and shagbark hickory are present on the higher elevations.  Wet-mesic floodplain forests containing Hackberry, Sycamore and Ohio Buckeye are present along the creek which flows through the preserve.  

The area also boasts a spectacular display of spring wildflowers, including false rue anemone, wild Geranium, Trillium, Spring Beauty and May apple.  

There are several songbirds in the preserve as well.  Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Gray Catbird, Eastern Wood Pewee and Red-bellied Woodpeckers are all frequently seen in the area.  Visit Spitler Woods to find out more.



ROUTE 60 is SEFTON ROAD where the WOODBINE FARM HOUSE from 1860 is located!

On ROUTE 57 below, is the DALTON CITY BLACK, to the East of WOODBINE.




                                       4790 Janine Way  |  Mt. Zion, Illinois 62549