Homeowners Association

Homeowners Association

Homeowner's Association

Welcome to the Woodbine Park Prairie Estates Homeowner’s Association. We want every member of the Woodbine community to be an informed participant in the advancement of our cooperative development.

Homeowner's Association Governance

As previously mentioned, Woodbine Park Prairie Estates is a cooperative development that provides a peaceful coexistence between nature and neighbor. All of the features and benefits outlined below are available to every homeowner and community member, providing individuals an equal voice in the development of the property.

The estimated $100/month fee (billed annually) for property owners covers nearly all expenses for the community, including road maintenance and upkeep, security and surveillance equipment and maintenance, upkeep and maintenance for more than 52 acres of common ground, liability insurance, property taxes, and more; a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience of such an opulent lifestyle. Our small community seeks to reward each property owner and their families with affluence and prosperity.

Common Grounds 

Woodbine Park Prairie Estates is home to miles of trails, wetlands, greenways, creeks and bridges. Ideal for hiking and the overall scenery of the landscape, homeowner’s have the unique privilege of calling these special features, as well as the Field Of Dreams, their own.

Property/Road Maintenance, Upkeep and Requests

If you need to address an issue, please fill out the requested forms and someone will contact you regarding your issue.


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Downloads & Agreements

Residential Memorandum

Owner's Declaration

Home Owner's Association Bylaws

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

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