Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

These vital principles were established to help guide Woodbine Estates through development. Together, these principles provide the framework for a way of life that values the environment.

·   Environmental protection and enhancement
·   A healthy lifestyle
·   A sense of place
·   A sense of community
·   Diversity
·   Convenient and efficient transportation
·   Aesthetic design and high-quality construction
·   Economic viability

Environmental protection and enhancement

Woodbine Park Prairie Estates was purchased and developed to safeguard a key environmental corridor for Macon County. Since 1991 the land has undergone extensive wetland, wildlife, woodland, and prairie grass restoration. In 1997 a stream bank stabilization project for Big Creek was completed and showcased. 52 acres will be legally protected from development and act as the “Common Grounds” for landowners, who will each share in the ownership and stewardship.

A healthy lifestyle

Big Creek, two large lakes, and trails throughout the property provide ample opportunity for healthy outdoor exercise, including the 52 acre common area already mentioned. Summer activities such as hiking, running, biking, canoeing, and fishing, or winter activities like skating, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and pond hockey, provide plenty of opportunity in every season, for every age and activity level to exercise within the community. On the west end of the property lies the much coveted-Woodbine's very own “Field of Dreams” baseball park for use by the residents of Woodbine Park Prairie Estates.  Even more, the property’s larger lots provide room for horses.

A sense of place

Woodbine Park Prairie Estates is strategically located between Ft. Daniel Conservation Area and Spitler Woods State Park. Woodbine Park Prairie Estates will construct homes and develop property that protects the environment, native vegetation and wildlife of the prairie state. The landscape and architecture are inspired by the prairies, particularly the pre-European settler days. Woodbine Park Prairie Estates is a historical name for the property, given by its original European settlers - the Ulery Family.


A sense of community

The Homeowner’s Association will guide the development of the land and the construction of each property to protect and honor the environmental surroundings. The Homeowner’s Association will take responsibility for community amenities, design review, environmental protection and overseeing maintenance and usage of the 52-acre common area. Woodbine Estates will be a conscientious neighbor, working closely with public officials, local businesses, and community organizations to protect our environment.


Woodbine Park Prairie Estates welcomes all residents who are interested in living in harmony with each other and the land.

Convenient and efficient transportation

Woodbine Estates is located in Central Illinois, approximately 180 miles south of Chicago (Midway and O’Hare airports), 140 miles northeast of St. Louis (Lambert airport) and 45 miles east of Illinois’ state capital, Springfield. The community borders on Decatur IL and is less than ten minutes from the Decatur Airport. The community is also a short drive from the planned East-Side Beltway which will provide quick and easy access to the state’s interstate system. Three different Amtrak stations are located within 35 miles of Woodbine Park Prairie Estates as well, so you can easily get anywhere you may need to.

Aesthetic design and high-quality construction

Professionals who are highly accomplished in their fields have been responsible for land planning and architecture. High standards of design and execution throughout Woodbine Park Prairie Estates are a priority. Woodbine Park Prairie Estates’ stream bank stabilization project for Big Creek was used as a showcase demonstration project.


Economic viability

Woodbine Park Prairie Estates was modeled after the nationally-acclaimed Prairie Crossings Development in Grayslake, Illinois. Families who wish to make the conservation community a part of their everyday lives will love living in Woodbine Park Prairie Estates, though the properties won't last long, so you'll have to move quick. He will make every effort to ensure that the project is economically feasible and carefully budgeted for long-term success.

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