FT. Daniels Conservation Area

FT. Daniels Conservation Area

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Ft. Daniels Conservation Area

Ft. Daniel Conservation Area is a 200-acre park near Mt. Zion in southeastern Macon County.  The park’s terrain includes oak-hickory forests, a sugar maple grove, open grasslands, and floodplain forests.  There are many unusual plants in the park, including chinquapin oak, paw paw trees, wager ash and Kentucky coffee trees.  

The legend of Fort Daniel Conservation Area is filled with tales of Southern sympathizers during the Civil War. The area takes it's name from the legendary Reverend Daniel Traughber, who was the most influential men of Macon County...and the most loved; during the years of 1838-1861, of course.  

Fort Daniels is filled with fabulous walking trails & beautiful scenery. If you love the outdoors for it's lovely array of wildflowers and wild life, then you need to make a day of visiting the area and hiking the incredible trails. Below is a map that gives you a great look into the mass array of trails that are available to you. Choose one or all of them, but don't miss this natural habitat of adventure, right here in central Illinois!

   4790 Janine Way  |  Mt. Zion, Illinois 62549