Buyer's Inspection

Buyer's Inspection

In nearly every case, buyers hire licensed inspectors to inspect the home they are buying.

After inspections, they usually submit a list of repair requests based on their findings. Essentially, this is a re-negotiation and fine-tuning of the contract.

As a seller, you should be prepared for some repair requests. You are not obligated to agree to make repairs. However, the buyer may terminate the contract if repair issues cannot be resolved.


Should you get an inspection prior to marketing your home?

Sellers sometimes ask if they should have an inspection done on their house prior to marketing. I endorse this completely.

  • You will be able to make repairs early, and buyers will have a more comfortable feeling about your property.
  • Your inspection report can be attached to your Seller’s Disclosure, with notes about any repairs that you have done.

More than likely, the buyer will still get his own inspection done.