Ok, so you’ve just moved into your new home, but it feels a little strange.  Don’t worry, it’s normal, its a totally new space after all.  So, here are a few tricks to help you set your own positive welcoming vibes in your new place.  

1. Deep clean

Clean!  Clean like you’ve never cleaned before.  It’s even a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service.  It’s totally worth it.  It’s hard to get everything when cleaning on your own; high windows, cobwebs on the high ceilings… that weird faint smell that is probably stuck in the walls… a professional service will take care of all of these things and truly allow you to start fresh.  Speaking of fresh, if there is a weird smell coming from the garbage disposal or drains… simply put some citrus fruit in them… this will kill bacteria and help freshen things up.  


2. Sage your cage

Ok, this may be a little new-agey to some of you, but it really helps!  Sage means “to heal” in Latin.  Saging has become quite popular, it is great for cleansing old energies and is really easy to do.  

Grab a fire-safe bowl and a cup of water.  Open all your doors and windows and then light your sage stick.  Hold the bowl under the burning end to catch the falling ash.  Then walk slowly through your home.  Let the smoke touch every area of the space, don’t forget the corners (old energy likes to hang out here).  After you’ve hit every room in the home, put the sage out in your cup of water.  Want some extra cleanse?… Buy yourself a sage spray and spray old belongings, furniture etc..  Now you can really start fresh! 

3. Make way for the new energy

Ok, everyone has heard of Feng Shui and theres something to this ancient art.  One of the most important principals in Feng Shui focuses on the entrance, which greatly impacts the flow of Chi (energy) into a home or room.  So, to ensure this energy enters your home, you want clear the entrance of any obstacles that may block this Chi.  Get rid of leaves, rocks, and other debris that may be blocking Chi from entering your home. Want to maximize your Chi, add plants on either side of your door.  Money Tree plants are great for this.  Money Trees help maintain balance and harmony in the home.  

4. More Plants!

So, you have your money trees at the front door, now lets add plants through the rest of the home.  Lucky Bamboo anyone?  Lucky Bamboo plants are said to attract auspicious Chi energy.  Another great indoor plant is the Rubber Plant, which, according to NASA, is a top house plant for removing air pollutants.  Now all you have to do is keep your plants happy!

5. Decorate intentionally

Add symbols of abundance in you home.  Baskets of fruit, even paintings of baskets of fruit, can help your home feel abundant.  Keep fresh flowers around, fresh fruit and veggies, all of these things will help your home feel abundant and happy. 

6. Color Power

There are strategies of color decoration.  Strong entrances tend to be black or deep charcoal, to generate strong energy.  Living rooms are better with a happy, cheerful color, yellows and bright colors.  Bedrooms, well, red is a very powerful color…but don’t get carried away, it is a really strong color.  Kitchens do well with lighter shades of green… consider natural lighting when making color decisions as well.  Abundant natural light in a home does a lot to keep the good vibrations strong. 

*Great Info From Trulia.com