Champaign Property Tax Revenue has increased dramatically over the past 42 years.  Increased 90% believe it or not, and though Champaign collects $280 million more in revenue than surrounding areas, don't be alarmed.  It is actually a really good thing.  Many people shout "inflation!" when confronted with these numbers but it is much  more than that and is really a good sign for Champaign.  A big contributor to this drastically higher tax revenue is the tremendous success of new local subdivisions.  Where there was once large single plots of land (one source of tax revenue), now stand many.  This is great news.  It means growth.  Steady growth in Champaign's case and it isn't at all bad when a large percent of this tax revenue goes to benefit local businesses and local institutions, for instance, Parkland College receives 26% of its $25 million yearly revenue from these property taxes.   

Sure the numbers might look alarming at first glance, but pull back the curtain and then welcome your new neighbors.