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Fall Home Buying in Champaign-Urbana!

by Rose Price

Spring and Summer are seen as the peak home buying seasons…..but FALL might truly be the ultimate season to buy. With many families settled into their new homes at the end of summer, there are amazing opportunities to find your dream home in a market with less competition and stress. Looking to buy a home in Champaign-Urbana? Use the season to your advantage! Here are the top reasons why you should purchase your new home this fall and not wait until the weather starts to warm up again next year.


Sellers with Homes still on the Market are Anxious to Sell

After having their homes listed all spring and summer, many sellers are worn out. Their homes might still be on the market because their asking price was too high during the warmer months. Now, they are looking to make a deal and are often more willing to lower their price in order to do so. As a buyer, use this to your advantage. You will likely have more success offering a lower price on a home in the fall than you would have previously.


Sellers in the Fall are Looking to Move

Sellers that leave their homes listed in the fall are doing so for a reason….they need to move. Whether it’s for a new job or because their new home is ready, these sellers are more serious about moving on to their new homes and need to have their current homes sold as soon as possible. They will likely be more open to negotiation in order to close the deal, especially before the upcoming holiday season.


You will have less Competition from other Home Buyers

Since fall is considered an off-season for real estate, there tends to be far less competition. The decrease in demand on the buying side does not translate to less inventory, however. There are still plenty of homes on the market! Whether it is new inventory or homes that have been on the market all summer long, buyers in the fall have a ton to choose from and are able to be more aggressive with their negotiations. Fall puts buyers in a great position of power to get exactly what you want! There are some many amazing homes currently on the market. Check out our Current Featured Properties to start the search for your home!


You have Lots of Resources at your Disposal

Since spring and summer are the peak real estate seasons, industry professionals such as agents, lenders, and movers, are incredibly busy. When the weather starts to cool and with many clients settled into their new homes, realtors and others have more time time opening up….meaning that you can have more of their undivided attention. This is extremely beneficial when you are looking to buy a home. Take advantage of all of the resources out there. An Experienced Real Estate Agent is dedicated to helping you move into your dream home this fall.


Crime Rates Go Down in the Fall

The end of summer tends to be the main months in which home related crimes, such as burglaries, occur. If you are buying your home in the fall, this allows you the opportunity to do more research prior to purchasing in order to find out about crime rates in the area and take precautions in your new home to protect yourself, if necessary.


Spruce Up Your New Home With End of Year Sales

The fall months are prime shopping season when it comes to home appliances, decor, maintenance goods, and more. Major retailers always offer these consumer goods at great discounts in the fall in order to prepare for next year’s trends and models. You can outfit your new home with amazing deals! Update your home with fresh paint and carpeting in September, when these goods are often put on sale. Prepare for next spring by purchasing your lawn mower in October. Create your dream kitchen in November with the help of new appliances and cookware at a discounted price.


Use Tax Deductions to Your Advantage

Regardless of which calendar month you purchase your home, homeowners can claim deductions on property tax and mortgage interest for your entire year’s worth of income. Payments completed prior to the loan closing will be considered tax deductible, even if they occur in November or December! You can save a considerable amount of money on the taxes you owe by purchasing your home later in the year!


Fall is the perfect time to Buy your dream home in Champaign-Urbana!! Call me today or visit my website at

Resource: Forbes

Champaign - Urbana Renters Want To Buy A Home

by Rose Price

Champaign - Urbana Renters Want To Buy A Home

We've all  experienced the challenges of the economy and housing market the past couple years, but 2013 has been different. Champaign area resident's attitudes toward the housing market have improved, and we've seen an big increase in activity in the Champaign housing market this year. We've also seen Champiagn, IL housing prices increase this year, which has been great for sellers. I've seen many buyers entering the market, so they can buy homes now, for fear of the continuing rise in home values and interest rates.

Many Champaign, IL renters believe strongly, that home ownership is an important financial decision and most renters I speak with, tell me homeownership is one of their top goals. The National Association of Realtors®, of which I'm a member, published a survey called, "The Housing Pulse Survey"; that showed renters are considering buying a home, more now than in recent years.  At the same time, the number of people who prefer to rent has declined substantially.

This year more renters are thinking about purchasing a home, and many have told me that owning a home is one of their highest priorities. However, many 1st time home buyers either can't stop renting or can't buy the home they really want. Student loan debt, and little savings for a down payment or closing costs can make it hard for them to buy a home. Many 1st time home buyers I meet, consider student loan debt to be one of their biggest obstacles. Home buyers with student loan debt find it challenging to access mortgage credit or to save for a down payment. 

Owning a home in Champaign, IL matters to Champaign residents, who understand the benefits home ownership provide for their families and community. Right now, affordable home prices, and historically low interest rates, have more renters thinking about owning a home than in recent years. In some areas, it  costs less to own a home than to rent one.

So it’s a no brainer for renters to understand that buying a home in Champaign, IL, gives them awesome long-term benefits and is  the best major investment they can make. The bottom line is that buying a home in Champaign - Urbana is a great financial decision and NOW is a great time to buy a home. 

5 Hot Trends in Landscaping!

by Rose Price

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