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New Year's Resolutions For Your Champaign IL Home

by Rose Price

New Year’s Resolutions for your home!  We all know that sticking to our resolutions is harder than we expect, but don’t let your home suffer.  Here are the most popular Home related resolutions and how to get them done!  Make this year the year you stick to and achieve all of your home resolutions. Best of all, these improvements will add great value to your Home.    

1. Rebuild the Deck

Are your decks looking old and grey?  Even more so than looking bad, old decks can be unsafe.  Even FEMA has warned about these dangers; especially poorly flashed decks, which can fall off of homes and cause bodily injury to you, your family or guests. Make needed repairs now.  

We recommend an annual 6-point deck check to identify problems you should address so that accidents don't occur. 


2. Seal Drafts

Homes get cold in the winter, especially if you have an older home, but newer ones have drafty area's as well.  However, there are simple ways to reduce these chilly home temps.  Cold air is very likely leaking in from several recognizable areas around your house (windows, walls, outlets).

Give yourself an energy audit. It’ll cost around $400 to have a professional come in, or you can do it yourself (see the video below).  The pros will provide you with a report detailing your home's draft problems, but will also include a cost-effective solution.

If your windows are in rough shape, but the frames are sound, then you can replace your windows (install high-efficiency replacement windows) for around $500-$600/piece. You’ll most likely want a professional to install these.


Lastly, consider Blown-in Insulation for your walls, which fills the stud bays of exterior walls with heat-retaining cellulose material.

3. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tired, outdated kitchen cabinets?  Kitchen renovations are the most expensive home-improvement projects. But you can add value to your home with these simple budget kitchen-cabinet upgrades. Instead of spending a minimal $5,000 on new cabinets, you can save big and reface the ones you have for under $1,000. Other money-saving options include painting your cabinets and, swapping out your cabinet pulls and hinges for new ones.


4. Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can add 10%-30% more value to your home!! Bet you weren't counting on that!  Here are some of the projects to look at to add curb appeal: 

Install Storm Windows

Paint Your Exterior

Privacy in the yard

Motions Detecting Lighting

Lamp Posts


5. Upgrade the Walkway

If you are thinking of re-routing your walkway, there are several options.  Brick & Gravel can be done in a single weekend, whereas concrete is a little more involved but offers a longer lifespan. You can also add special features like a pond at the end of a walk-way or small flower garden. 

6. Go Green On Top

Green Roofs aren't that prevalent here in the Fox Valley, but many area's have gone more to the eco-friendliness of them. Here are the reason some people are trending toward the "Green Roof" Movement:   

They reduce storm runoff

Absorb pollutants, 

give plants more room to grow, 

Best of all… They lower heating and cooling bills by providing insulation. 

If your dream green roof is too complex to install, check out development kits.  Green roofing is getting easier every day

7. Basement Makeover

Just do it!  Whatever your dream basement is, do it!  This is the year.  Whether you want to make it into a chic Mom's relaxing area, man cave for Dad & the guys, a game room for the kids, or an Exercise Room to accomplish your New Year's Resolutions....This is the year to Finish your Basement and Add Value to your Home!  

8. Paint Your Interior

This is one of the easiest on the list.  Start with one room and build momentum until every room is freshly painted.  It will do wonders for your home. 

1. First, select the proper hues with the help of a color wheel. 

2. Then, get the right equipment for the job.

3. Brush up on the best painting techniques from the pros…hem hem, YouTube!

4. Finally, paint the rooms!


9. Get The Little Things Done

There are always a handful of small repairs and the list grows throughout the year, becoming more and more frustrating.  Just fix this stuff.  Now, do these first.  They are simple things and you will feel a lot better when you check these things off your list.  Then, let this momentum continue through the rest of your changes. 

1. Fixing your outlets, or changing over to new ones.

2. Patching holes in walls where pictures, shelves or other wall hangings used to be.

 3. Recaulking Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks and Showers.

Good luck to you and all of your New Year’s projects.  If you are fixing up your home to put it on the market, give Champaignrose a call!  

New Year's Resolutions: Tips For Champaign

by Rose Price



Ok Champaignlet me guess: You want to lose weight this year…or maybe you chose a simpler goal…say, eating healthy.  Maybe you want to spend less money on material things or spend more time with loved ones.  I certainly do. Self-improvement, or at least the desire for self-improvement, is a shared hobby amongst Americans, and most humans.  It’s why so many of us (an estimated 45% of Americans) make New Year’s resolutions.

***(Note that only one-third of Americans watch the Super Bowl)***

The intentions are there, but a small fraction of us actually achieve our intended resolution.  The University of Scranton research suggests that a small 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.  So, why do so many people fail? What are the secrets behind those who succeed? 


There are no shortage of studies on how the brain works, so many experts are attempting explain the science behind why we make resolutions and more importantly, why we can never seem to keep them.   



One word: Simplicity 

Many people use the New Year to attempt extreme makeovers, both personally and/or professionally.

It’s a nice aspiration, but most of us have so many competing priorities that approach is destined to fail. 


Shooting for the moon can be daunting, so much in fact, most people fail to even launch! 


So “this year, try a different approach.  Simplify your resolutions.  Make your goals smaller.  Keep your list shorter.  When you accomplish one of these goals, you will feel satisfies, and proud, which will only give you fuel to accomplish the others; and you can always make new goals throughout the year! 

Set simple attainable goals throughout the year.  This is a much better approach than setting one hugely overwhelming goal. 


It’s not even the extent of the change that matters, but the courageous act of recognizing change is important and then working toward making it happen.  


Q: How do you eat an elephant?


A: One bite at a time!


Make it Tangible

Setting huge-ambitious goals is fun and can be really exciting…but they are much more difficult to attain, and when you see yourself coming up short, you will most likely become discouraged…and then frustrated…and then…you give up.  So, Keep your goals simple, rational, and most importantly achievable.  Be honest with yourself…be kind with yourself…and make this the year you finally achieve a New Years resolution.  

The way in which we state our goals is important too.  Many people have a resolution to lose weight…which is actually pretty broad and not as easy as it sounds.  Instead, make goals that will inevitably lead to weight loss; things like No potato chips, No fried, No ice cream…you can make this goal even more attainable…set a short time goal.  No fries for 6 weeks.  Once you find you can accomplish this… set another: No fries for 8 weeks.  Simple attainable goals is the key.  Heck, you can even start with no fries for 2 weeks.  Then when you achieve this goal, use that feeling to fuel the next few weeks.  This sort of specificity helps too.  You are less likely to fall off the wagon if you are specific.   

Instead of saying “I’m going to start going to the gym” in 2016” set a clearer ambition, like “ I’m going to attend a weekly spin class on Monday and a weight training class Wednesday and Friday.  Now you have a clear schedule. 

Set goals you can really measure.  Vague goals ensure vague results.  

Hope your New Years celebrations are fantastic and safe!  Good luck with the resolutions!  If your resolution is to find your dream home in Champaign, or if you're looking to sell, please give the Rose Price Team a call at 217.202.8843.  We'd be happy to put our expertise to work and help make your New Year's resolution come true!

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