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5 Tips For Making Your Home More Appealing to Both Men & Women!

by Rose Price

Neutralize Your Home!

Neutralizing your home makes it appealing to both Genders.  

Here are 5 Tips on how to do it best

Whether you’re getting ready to put your home on the market or you’re simply updating your decor, there are a few important tips that will help you transform your home, while still appealing to both Gender’s personal tastes.

1. Pick a neutral base.
A good rule to follow is to start with a good base; pick neutral colors like grey, beige, and white for walls, floors, counters and your large furnishing. Then create depth with deeper tones; choose navy, black or burgundy and then add a splash of color with your accent pieces. Accent pieces can be artwork, rugs, pillows or curtains. This method is tried and true and will never go out of style.

2. Utilize tailored furniture with contemporary accents

Big tufted velvet or floral patterned sofas obviously speak more to feminine tastes with a more formal style. Using a streamlined sofa (pictured above) in a great neutral fabric with a sleek, contemporary coffee table, while adding in modern accents makes for a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.  This is pleasing to both sexes.  You can still add your "pop of color" by pairing it with a colored leather chair- which is regarded as more "manly" but the colored part lends itself to the females a well, and the whole set-up gives you some sophistication too.

3. Bring on the patterns & texture! 

Just because you're looking to neutralize a room to make it more amenable to make sexes doesn't mean you need to give up texture & just means you stay away from sequins & fluff.  Grab a great neutral patterned rug with a cozy woven throw blanket to hang over your sofa or chair and find some mis-matched, patterned & textured pillows. Believe me, both men & women LOVE cozy blankets & great pillows.  They look chic and are comfortable too!A patterned rug along with fun accents like a cozy woven throw blanket and textured pillows is a great way to add chic appeal.

*Don't go for delicate trinkets on coffee tables or shelves! Instead opt for the cool industrial or vintage style with chrome, metal, brass side tables, floor lamps and finishing touches that are super modern.

4. Mix and match fabrics

So many times, even in regular decors, people are afraid to mix & match fabrics. Don't be! Leather or velvet fabric furniture can be neutralized by adding accent pillows in linen, cotton, or canvas.  You can simply drape a cashmere throw blanket over the back of the leather couch and it becomes more welcoming and cozy. Even a fur blanket can be draped over the brushed leather and look ultra modern and appeal to both sexes, just don't overdo it with other more feminine accents. Keep things very balanced.  You also need to keep window treatments simple! Think soft, easy flowing fabrics or a simple, tailored roman shade style in a cream, gray or white.

5. Bring natural elements inside the home.

Nothing adds more of a manly touch to a home than adding a touch of nature with earthy elements like reclaimed wood tables, tree stump stools, woven baskets, natural fiber rugs, and even twisted tree branch arrangements.  You can bring flowers indoors, but you'll need to look at succulents or berry bearing type branches & greenery. Artwork should also be kept to coastal, nautical or landscape type scenery. Remember your theme throughout the home should stay neutral in order to stay pleasing to both genders. 

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Have a POWERFUL day!  

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, the home inspection process can be intimidating. For sellers, it’s a reminder of the issues you may have been avoiding. and for buyers, it can mean more negotiating before the sale.  

Yes, home inspections come with a little anxiety, on both sides, but don’t let it stress you out.  Remember, your inspector is there to make sure both sides are protected when the sale of the Home takes place, and to create a comprehensive "to do list" of sorts, so that the issues can be fixed or negotiated prior to the closing. 

So, make the inspector part of your team and view the information you receive as more knowledge of the home your purchasing....nothing else.  

Here are some things your inspector wants you to know:

For Sellers

1. Move your pets

We know your new puppy is a cutie pie, but even if your inspector is an animal lover, having pets running around while the inspection is going on makes the job more difficult.  Inspectors also need to open & close exterior doors frequently, so it's a great way for "Fido" to make a break for freedom during this time. So, do yourself and your inspector a favor and keep your pet's at the neighbors, friends or kenneled until the inspection is complete.

2. Don’t forget to clean

Whether you plan on being there for the inspection or not, it's important to make sure your home is clean.  I mean you don’t need to scrub like your mother in law is coming over, but get rid of the clutter, dirt and grime.  First impressions are lasting, and this is one impression you want to be EXCELLENT from start to finish!

For Buyers

1. Your potential home may have problems

Your home inspector may come up with some problems on his report. Expect this!  Relax. Remember, your inspector is on your side.  They are there to give you the full picture!  Once you have the report, and know the issues, you can now negotiate how/when/who will be responsible for them.  

2. Anything can be fixed…well, almost anything.

We all know the feared three of home inspections; MoldRadonAsbestos, and yes these things can be frightening… but, get the complete details from your inspector first before you panic.   If your new home report comes back with high levels of any of these, it's time to think about negotiating the fix, getting a remediation specialist in...or walking away from the sale. 

3. One thing you should worry about is....

Here’s one problem you may want to stress about...just a little.  While not necessarily a deal breaker (remember almost anything can be fixed) it’s best to address any water-related issues before the deal closes.

Make special note of puddles and leaky ceilings, giving special attention to the basement.  Water issues in the basement can be an expensive and difficult fix. 

4. Home inspectors can’t predict the future

Buyers often ask questions like, “how many more years will this roof last?” And your inspector may be able to give you a good estimate, but they cannot give you a precise timeline. There are no crystal balls in an inspectors tool kit.  They are there to inspect the home in the condition that it's in today....not where it will be tomorrow. 

5. Don’t buy with your heart.  Don’t buy with your brain either.  Find a healthy balance.  

Don’t let the potential for repairs stop you from buying that dream home.  It’s easy to forget how much you love a home as you imagine the cost of said repairs…but making educated choices are your best bet. Get all the details, costs and evaluate...then negotiate. 

Your inspector’s visit will simply provide a to-do list of what's needed in order for the sale of the Home to proceed. From there you simply need to do your homework. 

If you have other Home Inspection questions, please feel free to give me a call at 217-202-8843.

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