The Pygmalion Festival started humbly, back in 2005 with just a handful bands, playing a wide array of venues in both Champaign and Urbana. Now entering it's eleventh year (2015), it’s featured hundreds of artists from around the world; performing on dozens of stages around Champaign­-Urbana, entertaining tens of thousands over the years.  

Thanks Gapers Block for the "Cut Copy" photo (by Rory O'Connor)

2015 ushers in yet another component of the festival: Technology!  Panelists, speakers, demonstrations, interactive opportunities, student recruitment; this will all collide at this years fest!  The Pygmalion Festival is reliably more fun than your average “conference.”, due, partly to it's vision, which is simple: "We get one life to live, and we can do anything we want with it." A vision realized each year as we progress forward for new possibilities in and for Champaign­-Urbana.

Festival Guide

Fest Schedule

Follow the link below for restaurants, bars, and cafes supporting The Pygmalion Festival. Show them some love for helping to make Pygmalion a reality, dine at these places during the fest to show your appreciation. 

Food & Drink

Josh’s Fund is the official charity of the fest.  $1 of every ticket will go to support scholarships for nurses training in oncology. Visit the link for more information.  

There are obviously a lot of great shows during the fest, but that's not all, follow the link below for a years worth of shows!

Shows & Series

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