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September Events for Champaign/Urbana IL

by Rose Price

It's still hard to believe summer is really behind us now. But the kids are back to school and that means busy schedules for everyone in the family. It’s sometimes easy to forget to relax and add a little fun to our busy weeks once we get into these routines.  But September in the great Champaign/Urbana area has some great activities and events you won't want to miss!  Take a look and add them to your calendar:

Labor Day Parade & Picnic

Say a final farewell to summer at the annual Labor Day Parade and Celebration.  All of those wonderful people who keep the community running will be floating through the streets of Urbana on Monday September 1st. This year’s theme is “The Living Legacy of Labor.” After the parade, head over to Prairie Park for free food, games and entertainment.

Jazz Walk

Whether you are looking for that perfect first date, or need a night away from the kids, mark down September 5th on your calendar. Walk through the candlelit paths of Meadowbrook Park while listening to live Jazz and local musicians.  The Jazz Walk will feature a variety of jazz soloists and small combos throughout the Wandell Sculpture Garden.

Illini Football vs. Western Kentucky                                                                                             

Are you ready for some football?? The Fighting Illini are back and ready for action. Come on out for a full day of fun and football at Memorial Stadium on September 6th. Experience the Illini Walk, take a stroll through Street Fest, and watch the Marching Illini Public Warm-up. Check out the full game schedule and make sure you don’t miss out.

Whiskey & Whiskers

Whiskey & Whiskers is the perfect night out for any gentleman. Kühl and Champaign Surplus are sponsoring a night full of food, music, whiskey and spirits. Throw in some cornhole, contests, and free giveaways and you have yourself a wonderful evening. Firehaus Bar & Grill will be providing beer, whiskey, and appetizers all night long. The event begins at 5:00pm on September 18th

Preparing your Champaign/Urbana IL Home for the Market

by Rose Price


It takes a lot of work to prepare your home for success on the market.....but it is definitely worth the reward at the end!  These tips will be your guide to help you get the best return on your investment, your home.

Get an Inspection.

Although your property may look up to par, it is beneficial to be aware of any potential problem that could come up later in the process. Every time a buyer walks through the door, they will be looking for the slightest reason to lower the price. The best way to eliminate this issue is to get an inspection on the front end.  Home inspections usually range from $300 - $700,  but will save you thousands in the end.


Repair What You Can.                                                                                                                        

After receiving your home inspection, it is time to tackle each problem one step at a time. Whether you revive your garden, replace an appliance or repair a broken screen... every improvement counts.  A new line of caulk in the shower and a fresh coat of grout on the tiles can make your bathroom look brand new. If you are ready to take on your next project, head over to your local hardware store for a great selection of tools, paint, grout and just about anything else you may need. Just remember, the old 3:1 want to make sure that for every dollar you spend, you are getting at least a return of three dollars back in your pocket.


Get Estimates on What You Can’t Fix.

While making repairs to your Champaign/Urbana home, keep in mind that the money spent on small projects will give you a positive return. However, there may be a few issues that stretch outside your budget, or the return on your investment may not be worth the dollars spent. In this case it is better to negotiate with your potential buyer than to lay out the larger sums of money at this time.



Image getting ready for a first date, trying on different outfits, and spending hours in front of the mirror. This is the same way you need to treat your home. Your potential buyer needs to fall in love at first site. It doesn't cost you any additional money, just your time...and it will pay off big. Your home needs a DEEP clean in every corner, nook and cranny.  Appliances, counters, bathroom sink, tub, toilet, closets...everything!  A home in pristine condition will ALWAYS garner a higher selling price point than one that is not. If you would rather call in a service to help you do a deep, thorough clean, you can contact my personal favorite....Wanda's Service.


Get Rid of the Clutter.

It may be hard to clean the house with a pile of boxes taking up all the space, or the childrens toy's all over the living room. In order to maximize your properties potential, you need to show off the beautiful square footage in every room. Take the boxes, toys, excess knick knack's, etc  out of the equation, you must clean up and out everything....even your storage space. Get rid of the clutter and stack up your boxes in the proper areas.  Getting a storage pod or space unit off site is always a good idea. 



Give your home a fresh look by changing up the color scheme. You won’t believe how far a can of paint can really go until you see for yourself. Give every room a new facial by tearing down that old school wallpaper and rolling on a shiny new color. When a buyer sees the fresh look and modern colors, it is sure to leave a positive impact on the offer and on your pocket. 



Aside from checking every nook and cranny inside the home, a smart seller would spend a day working on the outside as well.  When a buyer pulls into the drive, the first thing they notice is the welcoming look of the front of the home.  Taking extra time to mow the lawn, trim the greenery, laying fresh mulch or planting colorful flowers appropriate for the season are cheap and easy ways to make your house stand out and greet potential buyers with a warm and friendly welcome. If you aren't up for the labor, contact MJ Heckert Lawn Mowing,  he's the best!

Bottom line...Don't leave money on the table.  A little preparation goes a long way. Do the little things that will pay back in a big the form of an offer that you will find most acceptable.

For more Home Selling Tips check out my website or give us a call!  We'll be happy to come to you and go through your home with you to make sure that every room is absolutely "SHOW TIME" ready, to bring you the best offer and timeliest sale available today.



































Champaign/Urbana Summertime is Winding Down!

by Rose Price

I can’t believe July is over! Summer is winding down and students are getting ready to go back to school. For Champaign-Urbana, that means Campustown is getting ready to welcome back thousands of college students. Don’t worry though; you still have a few more weeks to enjoy the peaceful streets before the crowd comes in! So get out and explore the cute shops and restaurants downtown, while receiving the best deals in town.  There are only two weeks left of 13 Thursdays. Check out a list of the participating stores and restaurants below. 

13 Thursdays Participating Businesses                                              

If you are looking for a fun night with the family, be sure to head downtown on Friday night. The sidewalks along Main Street will be filled with color this weekend! Come on out for the 2nd Annual Friday Night Live Kids Sidewalk Chalk Contest. This free event is the perfect way for your kids to show off their art skills in the heart of the city. The contest starts at 6:30 PM in front of Big Grove Tavern.  



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