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4th of July in Champaign/Urbana IL

by Rose Price


If you're from the Champaign/Urbana IL area you've undoubtedly heard all about the planning for the big Champaign County Freedom Celebration.

Grand Marshall:  United Way of Champaign County

Theme:  Celebrating Community Volunteers

The day starts off with a 5K Race/Walk, that was originated in 1994. Following the race is the phenomenal 4th of July parade led by the Grand Marshall, in which all the floats, cars and musical treats are being judged for awards that will be handed out immediately following the culmination of the parade.  Lastly will be musical entertainment, food, fun and the spectacular Fireworks display.  This will be a full day of family fun!!

Other 4th of July events in the area:

* Freedom Fest, Lake of the Woods Park- Mahomet IL:  Boats open a noon Concession stands and family activities start at 3 pm. There will be a tribute to our Service Men and Women and then a phenomenal Fireworks display will LIGHT UP THE LAKE! For all the details: FreedomFest.

* Homer 4th of July Celebration: The Homer parade will begin at 2 pm, games and fun will follow at the Forest Preserve until dusk at which time the fantastic fireworks display will begin!! More details:  Homer Fourth of July

*Rantoul:​  The Chamber of Commerce will present their 4th of July parade at 9:30 am, and Fireworks at dusk, however, you'll want to participate in most of Rantoul's Freedom Celebration starting July 3rd. Get all the details here:

* Paxton:  Paxton's Old Fashioned July 4th Celebration is a day of fun events starting at 9 am.  Games, food, pie contest, children's parade and more!  Pells park....Fireworks at dusk.  Details here: Paxton Old Fashioned Celebration

* Farmer City Raceway: Fan Appreciation Night and Fantastic Fireworks Display! For more Details:

Whether you choose one of these amazing events, or choose to celebrate with family and friends in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard, keep in mind the reason for our celebrations....the Independence of our great country!  We were built on the foundations of  individual rights, freedom, equality and justice for all;  and we need to protect those rights for the generations of those who will come after us.  So Thank the Military men and women for their service and sacrifice, and keep the reason and spirit of the day with you in whatever you choose to do.

And have a SAFE & HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!


Landscaping Your Champaign/Urbana IL Home to Sell

by Rose Price

Are You Considered a Champaign/Urbana IL Home Seller?

by Rose Price

Taking time to prepare your Champaign/Urbana IL Home prior to putting it up for sale is extremely important.  After all, for most of us, this is our most important asset so taking the extra time it takes to ensure we have taken care of all the small things makes the most sense.

1. Get all your paperwork together. Simple right? Not so much- if you've been in your home a long time this may take longer that you think. You'll need HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Remotes and any other technical systems that your new owners will need to live comfortably in the home.

2. Check all the small things.  You know, the ones you've probably gotten used to living with. Check switch plates, fixtures, door handles, mailbox, etc.

3. Make things less personal. This may seem odd, but you want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home, not see "your" home. So pack up and move out many of your personal items.

4. Try to eliminate all evidence of pets in the home! This may sound harsh, but you want to make it look as though you NEVER had a pet in the home. Get rid of smells, stains, food, food bowls, etc.

5. Remove clutter from every room in the home!

6. Gather estimates on repairs/or replacements.  Unless everything in your home is brand new, you can expect for it to be on the "bargaining block" during the negotiation phase. So get on top the process now.

7. No one wants a dirty house! You want to deep clean...I'm talking "white glove" test. Plus, a clean house will garner a better selling price as well.

8. Hide the kids! What?? A buyer will be checking for signs of damage from children, so make sure you've made those repairs.  When you have a showing, make sure the kids are out of the home, no one wants to have kids under foot while they are looking at a home.

9. Clean up your landscaping. No need to hire a professional...but clean up the yard so that it looks neat and tidy. Grass should be cut, twigs and leaves from winter raked and bagged. Sprucing it up with a few flowers or shrubs never hurts either.

10. Take some pictures. Once everything is cleaned up and looking nice.....take some pictures and use them for marketing purposes.  The better the pictures the more people will want to come and see your home.

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