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by Rose Price

Black Friday’s smaller, but just as worthy little cousin that has become a holiday unto itself... Cyber Monday!   There are no long lines or angry individuals to deal with and you can shop in your pajamas from the cozy confines of your snuggie on the couch.  Not to mention the deals can be a lot better, especially in the Tech department; we've assembled some of the Best Deals we've found online & around Champaign!   So, get your credit card ready, if this is your’s time to shop!

SAVE $503 - Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit

Final Price $496.95


  • 18-55mm DX VR II Zoom Lens
  • 55-200mm DX VR II Zoom Lens
  • Black Case


SAVE $30.99 - Amazon Echo

Final Price $149

  • Information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more--instantly
  • Controlled by your voice for hands-free convenience
  • Far-field voice recognition hears you from across the room
  • Connected to the cloud so it's always getting smarter
  • 360º omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound
  • Compatible with select Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, and Wink connected devices to control lights and switches with your voice
  • Plays music from Amazon Music, Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more

SAVE $212 - Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Final Price $317.99


SAVE $150 - LG - 2.1-Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer - Black

Final Price $129.99

  • This LG LAS454B soundbar features an Auto Sound Engine to optimize tones. Whether you are in the mood for a film, a little music or the big game, stream it with your compatible Bluetooth-enabled device or plug in with the 3.5mm audio input.
  • Allows you to pair up to 3 devices for simple streaming of your favorite tunes. Download the Music Flow app for your compatible Android device for added flexibility.
  • Along with cinema, music, flat and standard sound modes let you customize the sound to suit your preferences.
Final Price $69.99

Enhance your productivity and lower your cost per page with business printers built to handle higher volume and faster speed. Most models offer enhanced security and are network-ready to get you up and running fast. Look for features like…

  • Higher-capacity memory, paper trays and ink/toner cartridges
  • Automatic feeding and duplexing to save time and paper
  • User authentication for greater security
  • This Canon MAXIFY MB2320 printer features 2-sided printing, so you can generate crisp documents and colorful images efficiently. Built-in wireless networking lets you print, scan, copy and fax from around your home or office.
SAVE $98.99 $1 I Phone 6 (16 gb)  
Final Price $1 (with 2 year contract)

$34 for Complete One-Year Auto Maintenance Package from Car Care Deals ($299.50 Total Value) 

AT Kirby's Firestone  303 W Main St. Urbana, IL 61801

The Deal

$34 for a complete one-year maintenance package ($299.50 value)

The one-year maintenance package contains the following:

  • Four oil changes with up to 5 quarts of standard oil, standard oil filter, 23-point inspection, tire pressure check, and disposal fee ($119.80 value)
  • Two tire rotations ($39.90 value)
  • Computer diagnostic scan ($39.95 value)
  • Air conditioning performance check ($39.95 value)
  • Pre travel inspection ($39.95 value)
  • Clean, inspect, and adjust brakes ($19.95 value)
  • Membership also includes additional maintenance and repair discounts


UP to 90% Off 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, or 20x30 Canvas Photo Print from Canvas people

Choose from Five Options:

  • $4.99 for 8x10 Canvas ($49.99 value)
  • $9.99 for 11x14 Canvas ($69.99 value)
  • $15.99 for 16x20 Canvas ($93.99 value)
  • $21.99 for 18x24 Canvas ($108.99 value)
  • $29.99 for 20x30 Canvas ($128.99 value)


Up to 95% Off Accredited Microsoft Excel and Advanced Excel Training from Excel With Business

Choose from Six Options

  • $25 for an online advanced Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for one person (up to $250 value)
  • $25 for an online standard Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for one person (up to $250 value)
  • $39.99 for an online standard and advanced Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for one person (up to $500 value)
  • $175 for an online standard Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for ten people (up to $2,380 value)
  • $175 for an online advanced Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for ten people (up to $2,380 value)
  • $249 for an online standard and advanced Microsoft Excel training course and test in English for ten people (up to $4,760 value)

Microsoft Excel training courses—available for both Mac and PC users for all versions including 2013—provide students with 24/7 access for 12 months after activation. Before and after tests inform students of their progress during the business-focused units, which include text-based articles, practice spreadsheets, video tutorials, podcasts, and downloadable model templates. Students receive certificates of completion for tests and the course, which are accredited by CPD UK.

The standard course consists of 38 units and includes basic navigation, lookup functions, and pivot tables to get users up to Excel proficiency in PC versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Mac 2011. Across 20 units and 136 tutorial videos, the advanced course allows proficient users to fully master a range of Visual Basic for Applications functions, macros, and sparklines in PC Excel versions 2007, 2010, and 2013.



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Thanksgiving Events This Week!

by Rose Price


It’s not officially the holiday season until Santa makes his way through the streets of Downtown Champaign. This area favorite features pre-parade entertainment; free hot chocolate and performances as well as floats, marching bands, and of course Santa Claus himself. The event concludes with the lighting of the Downtown Christmas Tree in the One Main Plaza.

Admission is FREE


Orpheum Children's Science Museum

346 N. Neil St.

Champaign, IL 61820

Experience the Snow Globe in the Orpheum Theatre.  The event takes place immediately after The Parade of Lights! You'll have a ball, literally.  Expect snowballs, indoor sledding, ice fishing, holiday crafts, and story telling!  INDOORS!!!!  Remember, you probably shouldn't throw snowballs inside your own home!


William M. Staerkel Planetarium

2400 W. Bradley Ave.

Champaign, IL 61821

Santa lost his compass and can’t find his way home! Uh, this could be a disaster!  Can the stars help? Learn about the day and night sky and how the stars make pictures in the sky in the very special holiday show for young stargazers. Learn how you, too, can find Santa’s secret star!

Admissions $5 Adults, $4 Seniors/Students/Children.

FOSP members get in FREE!



Thanksgiving Survival Brief

by Rose Price

This thanksgiving will be different you tell yourself!  You’ve decided on the menu ahead of time, you have your guest list and what everyone is bringing, but no matter how well you plan, something always goes wrong.  So here are ten extra tips to help your Thanksgiving go smoothly.   


Coolers aren’t just for tailgating!

 Everyone knows that refrigerator real estate is precious closer and closer to the feast, and the day of…forget about it!  So, bring out the cooler support.  You can clear your fridge of all of those large jars of pickles and condiments!  You can basically but anything you will not be needing for thanksgiving in your cooler and forget about it until after the big day.  If you live in colder climates you can store the cooler outside, away from all the ruckus of relatives.  The cooler isn’t just for storing space hogging jars of pickles though.  For instance, you could use it to brine your Turkey over night (just make sure there is plenty of ice!)  Or you could use it as a warming drawer…I mean it is insulated right?!  Line it with aluminum foil, add some folded towels and fill it with hot dishes as they come out of the oven.  

*NOTE* Use a little common sense…Don’t melt your cooler!


Pennies…Not just a useless form of currency!

 Pennies make great pie weights!…what’s a pie weight you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Pie weights prevent your pie crust from rising, leaving you with an awkward bottom to your pie…just put a layer of tinfoil over your crust first, then fill it with pennies, then bake!  Boom, perfectly flat crust!


Aluminum foil!  One of Thanksgiving's MVPs

You can also use it as a Roasting Rack.  The point of a rack is to hold the bird above the pan so heat can circulate evenly, but who says it has to be made of wire?  If you don’t already have a store-bought rack you can make you’re own.  1. Crumple some sheets of foil into thick ropes and wrap them in coils on the bottom of the pan, that’s it.  Or you could go the green route and roast atop a bed of halved carrots, celery and onions.  


Ah the slow cooker.

 The only thing worst than lumpy mashed potatoes on thanksgiving is cold, gluey ones.  Keeping your spuds toasty while using the burners for other dishes is a piece of pie.  Butter your slow cooker, add some heavy cream to the potatoes, set the temp to low and then stir every hour or so.  Your potatoes will stay warm and silky s smooth!


Fat Separator…no not your belt.

The secret to great gravy is skimmed (not greasy) pan droppings.  If you don’t have a fat separator, simply pour your drippings into a large heatproof measuring cup and pop it in the freezer.  The drippings will cool and the fat will rise to the top and solidify, making it super easy to skim off with a spoon!


That thermos isn’t just for coffee.  

Put your gravy into a thermos… let sit until you’re ready to eat!  It’s that easy!


Local Salad Bar as Sous Chef

Ok this tip is going to be controversial, but it can literally save hours off of your prep time.  Go to your local market and pick up ingredients from the salad  bar that are already cleaned and ready to eat; chopped onions, trimmed beans, sliced bell peppers, hardboiled eggs, crumbled bacon…  It will save you a lot of work!…and you don’t have to tell anyone why you look less frantic this year, simply pour yourself a glass of wine and wait for the turkey.


Use your cabinets as cook book stands!

 If your recipes look anything like mine, they are covered in splashes and spills, the letters are barely visible at this point.  It’s a pain to keep flipping back and forth as well. Solution:  Print copies and tape them to your cabinets.  Keep them at eye level around your kitchen.  You’ve just minimized your kitchen clutter and can now  follow directions hands free, take notes on the fly; you could even arrange them in order of your cooking prep!  This is my favorite tip!


Bring that Turkey back from the dead!

Oops, did you over cook the Turkey?  Before glumly handing out the dried out bird  your guests, drizzle a little warm chicken broth over the meat.  It’ll moisten and add flavor.  This also helps for slices that have gone from room temp to cold!  


Deflect your guests

…in a nice way.  A busy kitchen is the worst when your trying to cook 8 things at once in order to eat on time, as to not disappoint your mother in-law.  So, give your guests jobs…outside of the kitchen.  Have a wine table with wine glasses and bottles as well as carafes of water.  Ask them to open the wine, pour the glasses, set the table, hang the coats, heard the kids.  Anything really, as long as they stay out of the kitchen!

 *Special Thanks to the Food Network 


Champaign: A Most Progressive City

by Rose Price

Champaign Declared A Most Progressive City In Illinois! Again.

I am so proud of our town.  For the second consecutive year, Ameren Illinois chose the City of Champaign as a Most Progressive City in Illinois, no doubt due to significant energy efficiency improvements and savings achieved by Champaign’s local businesses and residents.

Mayor Feinen, commenting on the award, said, “The City of Champaign is honored to once again be recognized as a Most Progressive City by Ameren Illinois. This award is a reminder of the impact we can each have when we work together to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. I thank Ameren Illinois for this award and for continuing to assist the City towards its goal of becoming a model for environmental sustainability.”

The stats are mind blowing!

Between June 1, 2014, and May 31, 2015, Champaign residential and business customers completed a total of 1,025 energy efficiency projects, thanks to Ameren Illinois’ program.  Champaign businesses and residents are now saving more than 3.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and more than 213,500 therms of natural gas every year; the equivalent to removing more than 7.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or removing approximately 660 cars from the road.  WOW!

“The Most Progressive City Award is our way of recognizing those communities that exemplify a strong commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Richard J. Mark, president of Ameren Illinois. “By taking advantage of Ameren Illinois’ energy efficiency programs, these communities are reducing their impact on the environment, increasing their energy savings and improving their economic competitiveness.”

***As part of  “Champaign Growing Greener”, the City has partnered with Ameren Illinois and set aside funds to help residents pay for energy efficiency improvements in their homes and for a limited time, Champaign residents may qualify for free home energy audits and receive a 20% bonus incentive to improve insulation or seal air and duct leaks***

To learn more about these incentives or to schedule a free energy audit, call Ameren Illinois at 1-866-838-6918 and mention the “City of Champaign Resident Discount”.


Contact: Jeff Hamilton (tel) 217-403-8710 |

*All Info from the City Of Champaign Website.

Selling Your Home During The Holidays

by Rose Price

The holiday season is upon us! November through January is often considered the absolute worst time to sell a home.  Sure, the thought of selling your home during the Holidays doesn’t sound quite that cheerful, and we’re not here to dampen your Holiday spirit, just to share that selling during the Holiday’s does have quite a few advantages!  Holiday buyers are usually more serious about buying—and buying now! Better yet, there is a lot less competition, which is obviously a huge plus.  So, first, decide if you really need to sell now.  If the decision is yes, then commit!  Jump into some Gay apparel, deck the halls and follow these Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holidays! 

Deck the halls…but don’t get all ‘Elf’ on us, more like Ron Burgundy, “stay classy…” 

Homes often look their best during the holidays, but make sure you don’t overdo it.  Decorations too large or simply too many can distract buyers.  Also, there are fierce advocates on both sides of this issue, but you may want to consider putting the religious decorations away while buyers are at your home.  This has nothing to do with your religion, or any other sociopolitical issue, it is simply a way to allow the buyer to picture themselves living there, which is what you want.  Opt for more general decorations…and you can always put up the manger when they leave.  Just a thought.  

Hire a reliable real estate agent.
So, someone who will work hard for you and won't vanish during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's.  Friends and family are good resources for this, chances are you know someone who has moved recently, or knows a great realtor in town.  Get a recommendation of someone who will go above and beyond to get your home sold.  Isn’t that what you want?  This will ease your stress and ensure you enjoy the Holidays just as much as last year, when you were not selling a house.

Seek motivated buyers.
Anyone house hunting during the holidays most likely has a good reason for doing so. Work with your agent to target buyers on a deadline, including people relocating for jobs in your area, investors on tax deadlines, college students and staff, and military personnel.

Price to Sell. I know you’ve heard this before…but seriously, Price to Sell!
This is one of the most important! any time of the year really. A home priced to sell, even a little lower for the market, will make buyers feel the holiday cheer! This is better than starring high and gradually making small price reductions.  Agents know this and many will advise sellers to slash their prices before putting a home on the market.

Curb Appeal.
Autumn rolls around and the trees start to lose their leaves, so maintaining the exterior of your home becomes even more important, You need to Rake!  daily maybe!  Keep the yard tidy.  Also remember that bare trees equal a more exposed home, so touch up the paint job, make necessary repairs, clean the gutters and give your yard some extra love.  This is also another time where elegant decorations can make your home even more inviting.   Keep safety in mind as well; make sure stairs and walkways are free of snow, ice and leaves.

High Quality Real Estate photos.
It’s well known that most people start their home search online.  Well, this is even more the case when the weather starts to get colder.  No, one wants to drive around and walk in the cold, they’d rather sip some hot coco and search from a warm Snuggie on the couch! So, make a good first impression; use lots of beautiful high-quality photos of your home. If possible, have a summer or spring photo of your home available so buyers can see how it looks year-round, but definitely focus on photos of the season!..and note, the lights in all the rooms are on in the photo above...offers a nice warm glow!  This is a really nice effect!

Give a video tour.
There will be less foot traffic during the holidays, so shooting a video and posting it to the web is a good way to attract those online house hunters!  This way, they don’t need to drive in the snow in order to determine if they’re interested or not.

Keep your home cozy!
your home needs to be comfy cozy and inviting during showings.  Turn up that heat, play some soft music and have a plate of homemade holiday treats on the table!  Encourage buyers to spend more time in your home, giving them even more time to admire and imagine themselves living there!

Don’t be a Scrooge…be the opposite.
Ok, so lenders are the scrooges these days, but if you've got the means, consider offering a home loan to a serious buyer. You could get a great return on your money.

Lastly, Relax — the new year is around the corner.
Holidays are stressful enough; gifts to buy, dinners to prepare, relatives, drunk uncles at the Christmas party… just take a deep breath, and a moment to remind yourself that if you don't sell this winter…there is always next year, which by now, will only be a few days away! 

*Thanks HGTV for offering some helpful tips.

Veterans Day 2015

by Rose Price

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the tremendous service and sacrifice of our veterans; and let us never forget our national promise to fulfill the sacred obligation  to our veterans and their families, and though there is only one day a year solely dedicated to honoring our veterans, let not a single day pass that we forget the sacrifice these countrymen have made, to protect and defend our freedom and country.  

From the bottom of our hearts and with eternal gratitude; Thank You to all who have served this great nation!  


Wednesday, November 11, 2015 

Tuscola Veteran's Day Parade

10:30 a.m.

The Tuscola Veterans Day parade will start at Ervin Park at 10:30 am and will continue down Main Street to the Veteran’s Memorial at the Douglas County Courthouse, where a short service will take place starting at 11am, with Judge Broch speaking.  After the service, there will be a luncheon for the community at Forty Martyrs church.  

American Legion Post 71 will host a Veterans Day Ceremony 

11:00 a.m. 

The event will take place at the East Lawn Cemetery (802 North Cunningham Ave.)
Speaking at the event will be Bob Henderson, beloved teacher and veteran. 

Bob Henderson was honored in Korea for serving in the Marine Corps.  Bob Henderson pledged "Semper Fidelis" at age 17 to join the Marine Corp in 1943. Less than a decade later his duties led him to one of the most pivotal engagements in the Korean War: The battle at the Chosin Reservoir.  Service for which he was honored in Seoul, at a government invitation commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the battle that ensured South Korea’s Independence.  Bob Henderson is one of the remaining “Chosen Few” who received a plaque as one of the oldest marines at the 235th Marine Corps Birthday Celebration in Korea.

Veterans Day ONE -ON-ONE 2015: Sponsored By Rotary Clubs Of CU

4:30 p.m.

In 2011 Champaign West Rotary (Illinois) developed Veterans Day One on One, dedicated to honoring our country’s men and women who have served our country. The event is really thank you to our Veterans. You honor our Veterans by inviting them to the Veterans Day One on One dinner event.  One of the main conditions of admission is bringing one or more Veterans, buying them dinner, personally expressing appreciation for their service, and listening to or sharing stories of the Veterans experiences. This is a great way to connect with and thank those who have helped to protect the freedom that we enjoy. 

This year we are proud to have Major General Spiese, USMC (Ret) as our keynote speaker

A Chicago native, Major General Spiese was commissioned via the Naval ROTC program after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in May of 1976.   His 37 year career as a Marine Corps infantry officer included many command and staff assignments worldwide. His final assignment was Deputy Commanding General, I Marine Expeditionary Force, and Commanding General, 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade.  Major General Spiese retired from active duty on April 1, 2013.   Major General Spiese has been awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, three Legions of Merit, the Joint Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, three Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, and the Joint Service Achievement Medal.  He is a Military Freefall Parachutist and Marine Combatant Diver.  Major General Spiese has earned a Masters of Science degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and a Masters of Military Arts and Science degree from the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies   He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Natural History Museum, Board of Advisors for Blue Star Veteran Network, and is the president of the Officers Christian Fellowship national council.    



Fall Selling Tips

by Rose Price

Fall Selling Tips

Fall officially began Sept. 23, but don’t give up on selling your home. October, November and December can actually be very good months to sell. 

Conventional thinking has always been that if you miss the spring selling season, your done, forget it, wait until next year.  However, things have changed.  More single, first-time and millennial buyers as well as baby boomers are looking to buy (and sell).  The market is great.  Also, almost all sales begin online and via apps. Buyers don't have to take time to drive around -- they can sit down with a tablet in their pajamas and search for homes.  An additional bonus when selling your home in the winter is that there will be fewer homes on the market, so yours will stand out that much more.  

So, thanks to the internet, ever more hectic schedules and mobile lifestyles, the fall months are no longer a real estate dead end. Buyers are still out there and with less competition, your odds are actually pretty good!  So, put that sign back up. 

Here are some extra tips to help you sell your home in the fall. 


Add Curb Appeal

This is always important.  A home sale begins with the first look; whether they are driving past the home or viewing it online. So it’s important to keep the exterior of the home looking it’s best. Also, you live in your home, you’re there every day, so it may be hard to take an objective view, so ask a friend or neighbor to give you a brutally honest opinion.  Don’t be sensitive to the response, it will ultimately help you sell your home faster.  Are the leaves picked up? Are there balls in the yard? Bicycles? How do the gutters look?  Are the downspouts clogged with leaves?  It’s a good idea to pressure wash your siding, deck, patios, and driveway to really make them pop. You could also snazz up that lawn and plant seasonal flowers like  Mums.  It’ll add that little something extra, and make your home more inviting. 

Make The Price Right

All home buyers comparison shop and with help from their realtor they will definitely know when a home is overpriced. The price you want for the house has nothing to do with the price you’ll get for the house.  Price your home to sell and trust your realtor.  Really, it’s what you’re paying them for and if you don’t absolutely trust them, then you shouldn’t be working with them.  Remember, if your home is priced too high, buyers won’t even look at the property.  The other good part of the fall is that this time of year buyers are ready to make an offer quickly, even more of a reason to price the home correctly the first time.  Overprice it, and you’ll be holding on to it all winter.



Web Appeal

Web appeal is the new curb appeal,  even more so.  This is the reality of today.  You need to pay attention to how you are presenting your home on the web.  All home buyers start their home search online, so the first impression of your home will come from viewing the pictures in the listing. So, make sure you have a lot of photos; both exteriors and all of the rooms, any unique features, close-ups, wide shots, all of it.  Make your home stand out.  That being said, don’t take any photos until you first de-clutter, de-personalize and clean.  Add some extra ambient lighting and try to make the rooms appear as big as possible (achieved from taking photos at certain angles).  Also, as the seasons change, so should your pictures.  You don’t want a home you are trying to sell in the winter to be presented in the summer. This is really beneficial in the fall, because of all the warm colors of the leaves, make your home look beautiful. 

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

It’s ever more important to make your home move-in ready!  Take care of small improvements and repairs now.  If the home needs new carpet, put it in. If rooms need a fresh paint job, get them painted. When buyers look at your home they are imagining living there…they don’t want to imagine all of the time and costs of doing these things themselves. The same goes for repairs. Replace damaged screens, dripping faucets, repair scratches on floors and cabinets, replace broken tiles, etc. Fixing these problems gives you a competitive advantage over other sellers not willing to take the time.  Staging has also become important. Staging presents the best features of the home as well as the home’s potential. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, google it.  You’ll find plenty of tips online or you could always ask your realtor for tips!  They’ve done it before. 

Get Comfy Cozy

With colder weather buyers want to feel cozy.  Before showing your home, fill the home with pleasing aromas of the season by burning a cinnamon-scented candle or baking pumpkin cupcakes. And turn the hear up, make sure it’s warm in the house.  Viewings in the fall are also subject to the changing light patterns; it gets darker earlier, so make sure there is enough lighting throughout the home to compensate. Emphasize comfort in your home!  Maybe a satin table cloth, and comfy plush towels. Use the natural beauty of your house.  If you have a fireplace, accentuate it!  All these things will help you sell your home quickly this fall. 

Champaign IL Upcoming Events!

by Rose Price

7th Annual Folk and Roots Festival November 5-7

The Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival is an all-volunteer-run, grassroots festival that brings together national, regional and local artists and folk organizations.  There will be over 80 high-quality folk performances and participatory activities throughout downtown Urbana. The festival includes performances, dances, instructional sessions, jams, song-circles, family activities, storytelling, instrument-making and much, much more!  The festival is interested in evolving and unique forms of folk music and art, notably forms that break down barriers between audience and performers, while at the same time preserving local traditions and histories.

Official Site

Full Schedule


The 36th Annual Chris Cringle Craft Show --> November 6th & 7th 

Friday 3pm-9pm & Saturday 9am-5pm

@ 601 N Country Fair Drive, Champaign IL

The Chris Cringle Arts & Crafts Show is one of the Midwest’s largest craft shows, featuring over 155 booths and a wide variety of handcrafted items by local and area artists, as well as artists from all over the Midwest. There is free parking at the Fluid Events Center, but please DO NOT park in the County Market lot across the street, you may be towed. 

Illinois Heartland Decorative Artist sponsors a raffle featuring a holiday quilt, painted and pieced by our members. Tickets for the raffle are $1 each or 6 for $5. Proceeds from our show support our many projects, including art student scholarships, Memorial 4-H Camp, Decorative Arts Collections, memory boxes for hospitals, sponsoring families through the Department of Children and Family Services, area food banks, seminars, demonstrations, displays and a weekend retreat.

Visit the Illinois Heartland Decorative Artists Website for more information.

CUSR Cupcake 5K --> Sunday November 8th @ 9:00 am Parkland College

The only race that ends with a cupcake! Pretty Sweet!

The CUSR Cupcake 5K is  is a timed race ending with a cupcake. Funds raised will go into CUSR’s scholarship fund, which supports individuals who need financial assistance in order to access CUSR programs and services. Runners, walkers, and registrants who use a wheelchair are all welcome. A valid ID must be provided in order to receive pre-race information.  You can also check the CUSR Facebook page for more information.  The event will be held, rain or shine and there will be no refunds given, which is good because all proceeds go to the CUSR Scholarship fund.  For more information visit the CUSR Facebook Page.


Check back often to my website, blog and Facebook page for more events, Holiday Festivals and more!

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