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Champaign IL Top 3 Style Preferences of Home Buyers!

by Rose Price

Champaign/Urbana IL Home Owners if you're looking to "Freshen-up Your Decor" and get your homes on the market, take note of the Style Preferences below! In a recent promotion taken of prospective Home Buyers by Realtor dot com, buyers were asked to vote for their favorite type of decor as part of their “Get This Look” promotion. The styles below won overwhelmingly over any other home styles. 

The following is a breakdown of the TOP 3 STYLE PREFERENCES of BUYERS:

Good-Bye Hollywood's Spectacular looking but "don't touch" decor! Follow these tips for an easier to sell home!

INVITING: This is described as a welcoming atmosphere that includes fun bar ware, plenty of seating, and a gather-worthy kitchen that can serve as the LIFE OF THE PARTY!

RUSTIC: This look is for those who prefer natural elements: wood, stone, water and light. This design style usually incorporates organic materials from the outside/ inside for a perfect balance.

BEACHSIDE CHARM: This design has a relaxed and casual feel, often incorporating terra cotta tile, patio umbrellas, sun decks, and scattered shells.

Meanwhile, the design styles least favored in the survey: Regal (a design that uses fine fabrics and antiques), Urban, eclectic Mid-Century Modern, and Earthy.

Happy decorating...Look for more tips to come here on my Blog and on my Facebook Page!

If you'd like more information about homes for sale in the Champaign/Urbana IL area, please give me a call at 217-202-8843 or visit my website at

Resource: Realtor Mag.


by Rose Price


Tuesday Oct 27, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Market Place Shopping Center, North Neil Street, Champaign, IL

One of the best FREE family events for 30 years!  Join the Champaign and Urbana Park Districts, along with Market Place Mall, in Dressing up in your favorite costume and trick-or-treating.  There will also be games and one of our favorite parts..... a costume contest!! Take a walk through the spooky (family friendly) haunted house…if you dare! Don’t forget your bag to collect all the goodies and a camera to capture all the great memories of your child’s Halloween night! There will be Event images posted to the Champaign Park District’s Facebook page, so you can download, share, and enjoy! 



Champaign: 5 to 7 p.m.
Mahomet: 6 to 8 p.m.
Monticello: 5 to 9 p.m.
Paxton: 5 to 8 p.m.
Savoy: 6 to 8 p.m.
St. Joseph: 5:30 to 8 p.m.
Tolono: 6 to 8 p.m.
Tuscola: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Urbana: 5 to 7 p.m. 


Now, it's time to engage your inner Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray!  If you're brave enough to host a Halloween party this year, don't skimp on the details.  Cleverly themed appetizers and drinks are a must.  Here are some super- duper appetizer ideas, sure to impress your guests for many Halloween moons to come! Just click on the names of the appetizers for the recipes!









Hopefully you feel inspired!  Halloween is one of the best parts of Autumn and certainly one of my favorites.  If you have any unique costume, appetizer or drink ideas, please share on my Facebook Page so everyone in the community can enjoy!  I'm always on the look out for fresh creative ideas to help make the season better each year. 

Champaign IL Univeristy of Illinois Homecoming 2015!

by Rose Price

Yes, it's underway.  It's the University of Illinois Homecoming 2015!  A week dedicated to welcoming back Alumni from our wonderful school.  This fantastic tradition includes tons of fun activities for both current students and Alumni.  For a full schedule visit University Of Illinois.  

Here are the highlights this year!

Homecoming Court

Every year 20 Senior students are selected (based on academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement) to serve as role models for their peers as well as represent the University of Illinois Student body.  For a full list of this years court, visit Homecoming Court.  Congratulations new court members!

Grange Grove

The much anticipated Grange Grove is now ready for game day!  The lot formerly known as Lot 36 has been dramatically transformed into a high-energy tailgating area, for students and the public of all ages.  The lot will open at 7 am on game days and will follow the standard street closure policies of the area.  There will be live music, and children's areas.  The lot will close around 10pm, or an hour after the game ends.  Along with free tailgating for the public, attendees also have the option to purchase packages that include tents, tables, chairs and other essential tailgating gear. These packages can be purchased through:  

Dormancy Of Dusk

One of the more creatively exciting events is going on right now; The Dormancy Of Dusk, an exhibit featuring the work of U of I faculty member Bryan Warsaw.  The exhibit features photography and poetry by the artist exploring ideas of dusk, the mysterious time between day and night when the natural world goes dormant.

Dormancy Of Dusk: Illini Union Art Gallery, 1401 W. Green St. Urbana


Lou Liay Spirit Award

Every year, the University of Illinois Alumni Association bestows the Lou Liay Spirit Award upon a UI alumnus or alumna who has consistently demonstrated extraordinary loyalty, commitment, dedication and service to the UI Alumni Association and related groups. The award, established in 1997, is named after Lou Liay, EDM '62, executive director of the UI Alumni Association from 1983 to 1998.​

This year the honor has been awarded to Gayl Pyatt LAS ’64. A retired attorney and former member of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Pinckneyville resident was the first female president (now called chair) of the UI Foundation.  Get the rest of the story here.

Special Guests this year:

Lyle Orwig whose maintained a passion for agriculture, marketing communications, reputation management and corporate social responsibility, continues to garner recognition and awards for his work. Read more about him here.

James E. Sparks, current leader of The Sparks Group, a communications and branding firm he founded in 2012 to help companies propel growth and navigate the challenges that come with business cycles and expansion​.  Read more about his passion and work with the homeless here.

Parade Marshall:

Bill Geist, noted columnist, author, correspondent and proud graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will serve as grand marshal of this year’s homecoming parade.  Read about his successes here.  

Get the Parade Route Here!

The parade is going to be incredible again this year! Getting your prime location picked out ahead of time is going to be click on the parade route above and select your location today!

Still need tickets for the Big Game on Saturday? I don't want you to miss out on this phenomenal game between our beloved Fighting Illini & the Wisconsin click on the ticket link below and grab those tickets NOW!   Get your TICKETS HERE!

This is such an exciting week for all our U of I students, alumni and the Champaign/Urbana community! Don't get left behind. There are so many great events taking place for individuals and families all over our city. Just click on the links above, select and event and go have some fun! I'll see you at the game!


Champaign IL Top 3 Haunted Houses for 2015!

by Rose Price

A cold, sleeping dread creeps amongst the moonlit forest of the Central Illinois night…Something evil in the woods, something dark and ominous.  There have been reports of paranormal happenings at the​ Bonesaw Mill... Or maybe some biological freaks of a recent military experiment roam the forest, bloodthirsty, angry for vengeance... Or maybe it's the eerie laughter of an insane clown wandering through a cannibal circus from hell?  If you're looking for the best haunts in Central Illinois, look no further.  The New Haunt at Bonesaw Mill and the newest attraction "The Freak Show" are two of the best haunted experiences of the season.  Come explore, if you dare

Looking for the best HAUNTED HOUSE in Central Illinois? Visit the All New Haunt at Bonesaw Mill and Brand New Haunted House attraction, The Freak Show. Come explore what you’re afraid of, if you dare!

Midway Of Madness

Every year The Midway of Madness takes over the Champaign Co Fairgrounds, now in it's 4th season, the haunts get better every year.  Make your way through a dark ominous maze of crazed carnies and fantastic scares around every corner....ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH FOR THIS HAUNT?? Check out their facebook page for more info.

Upcoming Dates


Saturday, October 17, 2015, Starts at 7:00pm 

Friday, October 23, 2015, Starts at 7:00pm 

Saturday, October 24, 2015, Starts at 7:00pm 

Friday, October 30, 2015, Starts at 7:00pm 

Saturday, October 31, 2015, Starts at 7:00pm 

Haunt Masters

Two more great haunts in 1 Spectacular Location: Head to Rantoul, IL.  Haunt Masters present their Fear Factory & Psychosis Haunted Houses this October, and are more than ready to scare you! 

Visit Illinois Haunted Houses for more great Haunts in Illinois

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, the home inspection process can be intimidating. For sellers, it’s a reminder of the issues you may have been avoiding. and for buyers, it can mean more negotiating before the sale.  

Yes, home inspections come with a little anxiety, on both sides, but don’t let it stress you out.  Remember, your inspector is there to make sure both sides are protected when the sale of the Home takes place, and to create a comprehensive "to do list" of sorts, so that the issues can be fixed or negotiated prior to the closing. 

So, make the inspector part of your team and view the information you receive as more knowledge of the home your purchasing....nothing else.  

Here are some things your inspector wants you to know:

For Sellers

1. Move your pets

We know your new puppy is a cutie pie, but even if your inspector is an animal lover, having pets running around while the inspection is going on makes the job more difficult.  Inspectors also need to open & close exterior doors frequently, so it's a great way for "Fido" to make a break for freedom during this time. So, do yourself and your inspector a favor and keep your pet's at the neighbors, friends or kenneled until the inspection is complete.

2. Don’t forget to clean

Whether you plan on being there for the inspection or not, it's important to make sure your home is clean.  I mean you don’t need to scrub like your mother in law is coming over, but get rid of the clutter, dirt and grime.  First impressions are lasting, and this is one impression you want to be EXCELLENT from start to finish!

For Buyers

1. Your potential home may have problems

Your home inspector may come up with some problems on his report. Expect this!  Relax. Remember, your inspector is on your side.  They are there to give you the full picture!  Once you have the report, and know the issues, you can now negotiate how/when/who will be responsible for them.  

2. Anything can be fixed…well, almost anything.

We all know the feared three of home inspections; MoldRadonAsbestos, and yes these things can be frightening… but, get the complete details from your inspector first before you panic.   If your new home report comes back with high levels of any of these, it's time to think about negotiating the fix, getting a remediation specialist in...or walking away from the sale. 

3. One thing you should worry about is....

Here’s one problem you may want to stress about...just a little.  While not necessarily a deal breaker (remember almost anything can be fixed) it’s best to address any water-related issues before the deal closes.

Make special note of puddles and leaky ceilings, giving special attention to the basement.  Water issues in the basement can be an expensive and difficult fix. 

4. Home inspectors can’t predict the future

Buyers often ask questions like, “how many more years will this roof last?” And your inspector may be able to give you a good estimate, but they cannot give you a precise timeline. There are no crystal balls in an inspectors tool kit.  They are there to inspect the home in the condition that it's in today....not where it will be tomorrow. 

5. Don’t buy with your heart.  Don’t buy with your brain either.  Find a healthy balance.  

Don’t let the potential for repairs stop you from buying that dream home.  It’s easy to forget how much you love a home as you imagine the cost of said repairs…but making educated choices are your best bet. Get all the details, costs and evaluate...then negotiate. 

Your inspector’s visit will simply provide a to-do list of what's needed in order for the sale of the Home to proceed. From there you simply need to do your homework. 

If you have other Home Inspection questions, please feel free to give me a call at 217-202-8843.

Winter Is Coming, Protect Your Yard

by Rose Price

Snow is on it's way and with it, the frigid cold of the Midwest.  If you haven't taken steps to protect your yard and landscape from this severe annual weather, don't worry, it's not too late. We've compiled a list of simple defenses to protect your home from those surprise winter storms and the heavy blankets of snow that come with.


Check Your Trees for Dead Limbs or Signs of Weakness

If you are in doubt about the health of your trees call an arborist to come and inspect them, this will help determine if any trees or branches have insect damage or are suffering from dieback, a condition where the branch begins to die from the tip back to the base. Dieback spreads from the young shoots to the larger branches. That is why, removing dead, damaged or diseased branches is so important, especially before the weather turns, as weakened branches are more susceptible to fall or crack off under the weight of the heavy snow.  This will protect further damage from the next storm, and will protect your home from falling branches.   

Prune  Properly

The best time to prune varies from plant to plant. Though, generally, winter is a good time to prune trees. It's easier, because the leaves are gone, so you can easily inspect the branches and tree structure for any signs of weakness. For evergreens, however, you should wait until after the last winter freeze before pruning. Obviously, some trees fare worse than others in a snow storm, and one of the main reasons is something called "the crotch angle of the tree. On some trees, such as pears, if the angle of the branch shooting off the trunk is too tight, the branch will have a weak connection and can easily break under the weight of heavy snow or ice. On some evergreens, if this angle is too horizontal, it will, usually catch more ice and snow, so there is more of a chance to break off. Don't prune your trees while the ground is frozen; This causes the tree to lose a lot of water and moisture, which is obviously not a good thing. 


Avoid Topping Any Trees

Tree topping has been a widespread practice for many years, however most arborists know and understand that doing this, only creates more problems instead of correcting them. Topping a tree can upset the balance between the crown and the roots, which usually results in a sick, undernourished tree. Topping also disfigures the tree's natural form, not to mention beauty, and exposes the bark to full sun which can led to being sun scaled and encourage the development of disease cankers. More importantly, this new growth that develops is much weaker, due to the new sprouts growing from the surface of stubs instead of being anchored from within it's limbs. These fresh branches are more vulnerable to heavy snow falls and winter winds and much more prone to breakage. 


Keep Plants Well-Hydrated

Remember, plants continue to lose moisture through their leaves, even in winter, so they need water. If plants are well-hydrated, they are more likely to survive a hard freeze. If it's a new tree you'll still want to water it, especially if your not getting much precipitation.  Most newly planted trees can go up to two weeks without rain in the wintertime, but you don't want to push it much past that.  There are also tools like anti-transpirant from Wilt Pruf.  These guard your plants against moisture loss, caused by transplant shock, drought and windburn. It's easy, you just spray the top and bottom of the leaves, which creates a wax-like protective layer, and you're done.





Protect Your Plants from Freezing

Cold winter winds completely sap the moisture out of leaf tips, so protect them. Put up some sort of wind screen, burlap is perfect for this.  You can simple make a wall with the burlap and two stakes, or if you think your fragile plant needs more protection, you can wrap the burlap around the tree, like a blanket.   This blocks a lot of the harsh wind from ravaging your beautiful greens. Be sure to use burlap, or something like it, never use plastic.  This can create a heat trap, very bad, you don't want your plants to over heat.  




Don't Shake Snow or Ice Off Branches

This can cause additional damage to your already weakened plant. The snow or ice on the branch could have already done its damage, so just wait until everything melts before inspecting.  

Check Your Salt Usage

Salt is a very effective way to melt snow and ice but it can damage plants and trees by drawing water away from their roots. Minimize this risk by using one of the more eco-friendly melting agents like CMA (calcium magnesium acetate). It is a little more expensive than standard road salt, but it is also biodegradable and non-corrosive, which means little to no rust damage to cars. And CMA has little negative effect on animals or plants. Some people use urea (or carbamide), a chemical found in some fertilizers, this too, works as a melting agent. However, you need to sweep it into your grass after the storm has gone. Another reason to choose your melting agents carefully, is that when the snow melts, or if there is a heavy winter rain, you don't want all of those corrosives running down into your sewer system.  The Carbamide  also filled with nitrates, which you don't want rushing into a nearby river system.  

Remove Broken and Fallen Branches

Remove damaged wood as soon as possible and make sure you make a clean cut on an already broken branch or limb. This helps protect it from insects and disease. Oh, and be careful if you're using a ladder.  Remember, it's winter, the ground is icy, so use extra caution. 


This stuff is common sense, but often overlooked.  When you start shoveling snow off your walkway, you sort of just toss it to the side and continue down the line, but make sure you aren't dumping it on top of plants or shrubs hiding beneath the snow. It is a good idea to mark those areas with a reflector or some kind of post.  If you are using a chainsaw in the wintertime, make sure the snow and ice are gone before you start. Again, you don't want to slip and fall, especially with a chainsaw in your hand.

There are a ton of snow blowing injuries, and there really shouldn't be.  Remember, never put your hand in front of one if it gets clogged; even if it is turned off. You could easily lose a finger or a hand from the tension on the blade.  

ORGANIZATION! A word that haunts many homeowners, especially active families; when football cleats, hockey sticks, and various balls of shapes and sizes start invading your living room, But family and organization don't have to be contradictions.  Here are some simple home organization tips to help stay organized during your child's season.  The key here is variety and adaptability.  All of these storage tips can be easily modified, allowing you to adapt to your child's growing needs.  

Bungee Storage

Maybe the easiest way to stay organized in places like your garage, and still making it easy for the kids to grab balls or equipment in a hurry when they're late for practice is this phenomenal Bungee Storage system!  A Super easy & simple DIY project, but a great garage organizer too! 

Garage Cubbies

One of the keys to an organized garage is shelving!  Lots and lots of shelving.  So, nothing beats a great cubbie system.  You can make it even more convenient by using various sized cubbies; storing balls, bikes, helmets, bags, anything your little heart desires! 

Hockey Pad Drying Rack

One of my favorites!  This little guy is a life saver for all the hockey moms out there.  If you have a hockey player living in your home, you know that you'd rather keep that stuff outside, due to the stench it will leave in your home for days after every practice & game.  What's worse, is that if equipment doesn't dry completely, bacteria will grow on your child's pads, making them smell worse and lead to rashes and other health risks.  Not to worry, the problem has been solved.  Invest in a rack drying system!  If you're a really crafty parent,  these can easily be made cheaply with some PVC and some ingenuity.  Here's a guide to a DYI Drying Rack.

Peg Board Rack

The thing about child athletes is...they grow and so do their interests.  After a few seasons, you almost have enough equipment to open your own used sports store.  The answer to this is simple, a peg board!  It can constantly adapt to your child's growing arsenal of balls and equipment and coincidentally it's another easy DIY project.  DIY Pegboard.

Rollable Bins

For equipment used most frequently this Rollable Storage Bin is the perfect solution. It allows you to organize equipment by sport (soccer, tennis, baseball, etc.) and because it is on wheels, you can move it whenever necessary.  The Container Store has a few great options.

Hopefully this list helps lower the stresses of a busy fall sports season, allowing you to put all your effort into cheering on your little athlete!

For more Home Improvement & Organizational tips checkout my Facebook Page & my website. If you're interested in Real Estate in the Champaign/Urbana area, please give me a call!  I'd be happy to show you around our fantastic community or meet you and answer any questions you may have.

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