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Spring Maintenance for your Champaign/Urbana IL Home!

by Rose Price

It's spring in Champaign/Urbana and time to get our homes ready for the spring real estate market, which is already moving full-steam ahead. Is your home ready for the many buyers who will see it in the coming days? In order for your Champaign/Urbana home to stand out among the many that a potential buyer will take a look at, and for it to get the BEST OFFER possible, you want to have it looking it's absolute best!   That means you don't leave ANY stones unturned!  Make this spring's home maintenance and preparation top notch. 


Exterior Windows- Get those windows shining like the commercials we see on Television! No streaks or smudges and definitely no dirt from the winter season! Check all caulk and weather stripping too.

Decks & Patios- Power wash your decks and patios, then stain and reseal. They'll be looking like new again. If you have outdoor furniture, make sure it is staged appropriately.

Exterior Walls- Check for damage from the winter months. This can be cracks, stains, or holes. Repair as needed and be mindful of problem areas that may need more than just a minor repair.

Lawn- Pick up sticks and other debri from the long winter months, mow the grass and trim all shrubs and overgrown trees.  Lay down any herbicides and start your spring lawn care programs. 

In-ground Sprinkler Systems- Maintenance any in-ground sprinkler systems on the property so that they are in good working order.

Roof- Inspect for any missing or cracked shingles? Make sure to address any issues from winter damage or ice dams to keep your roof in top shape.

Chimney- If you have a stone chimney, check the bricks looking for efflorescence, a white calcium deposit that means your chimney is absorbing water. If you find this is the case, you need to reseal the chimney.

Downspouts & Gutters- Your favorite job! Clean the gutters and make sure all the downspouts are in the right position so water is directed away from your house.

Next Blog post I'll tackle Spring Maintenance on our Home Interior's! For more Home Maintenance Tips visit my Facebook Page and my Website.

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I are here to help in any way I can. I'd love to partner with you to sell your home and get you the Value and Price you deserve for your Champaign/Urbana Home! Give us a call anytime.

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Champaign/Urbana IL Home

by Rose Price

You want me to list my Champaign home for what?!?! 

I know, you've heard someone say this type of exclamation at least once, somewhere before.  Unfortunately,  sometimes the price that is given to a homeowner as the"listing price" for their home, is not what the homeowner had in mind.  Many times, a homeowner had a much higher number in mind because of the improvements, loving care and emotional attachment they have developed for the home over the years.  This is understandable, but it is also why you need an experienced, unbiased real estate professional to advise you on this important component of the selling of your home before you put your Champaign home on the market.  Pricing your Champaign home in today's housing market can be very tricky with so many variables to consider.  But it is the most important component and decision you WILL make once you have decided to put your Champaign home up for sale.  This is why your choice in a Real Estate Agent is critical Over pricing your Champaign home is dangerous for several reasons, but the biggest is the simplest....IT WON'T SELL! 

In addition to not selling when you've overpriced it, you've really stacked the deck against you from day one. Selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster.  What your home means to you and how you imagine it, needs to come to terms with the real world and the current real estate market...and that is no more apparent than in pricing.   Everything you are doing at this point is looking at the home to "list" and sell.  That may seem apparent, but it's much harder than it looks. You must take the emotional strings out of the way. You may cherish the color, flooring, or some other "prized possesion", but none of that matters, it's simply black and white.  You are looking at it objectively just to list and sell.                                                                                                                                                           

Just "because you paid a certain amount for your home", or because "it means so much to you", is a sure fire way to stall the successful sale of your property.  Buyers also aren't going to care if you "need to get a certain amount for your home in order to buy your new home".  All the new buyer cares about is paying a fair market value for your home and that there aren't any hidden surprises that are going to come up later in the home inspections. Nothing will blow up in your face quicker than an OVERPRICED PROPERTY!  

In fact, overpriced properties are at the top of the list of the reasons why homes do not sell!

You are free to list your home for any price you choose. However, any exceptional real estate agent will tell you that overpricing a home can lead to serious problems. Some of these include:

*Scare off Buyers- You don't want to miss out on an ideal buyer by pricing yourself out of their category. Rely on the expertise of your Real Estate agent and their knowledge of the local market so that you can maximize your exposure on the market and with buyers while still getting the best price for your home.

* Too much Time on The Market- When a home is priced too high it ends up spending far too much time on the market.  If a buyer decides to put an offer in on the propertythat offer takes into consideration the amount of time the property has been sitting idle on the market.  Therefore it has a negative effect on the property.

* Home Price Appraisal Issues- If you have overpriced your home, and a buyer has agreed to pay the "overpriced" price, you still have to pass the Home Appraisal. If the Home Appraiser comes back with a Market Value that is noticeably lower than the price the buyer is offering, the bank is likely to deny the buyer a mortgage.  Leaving you looking for new buyers.

Best advice....Stay realistic on the home pricing.  Seek out a great real estate agent and listen to his or her advice for pricing your home.  Many good agents will advise you to list a little lower and encourage a bidding war, than to risk all of the problems that would come with listing too high.  Stay realistic with your pricing and you will achieve your ultimate goal of selling your home;  in the shortest amount of time AND with the best possible price.

Pretty winter snowfalls and glistening trees are a beautiful sight here in Champaign/Urbana IL, but the bitter temperatures, howling winds and icy precipitation can turn into a dangerous winter storm very quickly.  Are you ready?

First, you need to make sure you are in a safe and warm place.  If you are using your fireplace for warmth, make sure you use all the fireplace safety precautions.  Using candles are almost always the first thing that comes to mind, but make sure you never leave them unattended or close to combustibles.  Also, if you are using a generator, make sure it is outside of the home only, in order to provide proper ventilation.

Anticipate a power outage.  Close off any unused rooms and turn your heat up...this allows the home to heat to a much higher level, allowing it to retain the heat longer during an outage. Allow water to trickle from your faucets to prevent pipes from freezing.  Make sure your battery powered flashlight, radios and other electronic devices are fully charged and ready to go.  You should also have a first aid kit readily available, should the need arise.

Check your supplies.  It is important that you make sure you have enough heating fuel for your home and generator, or a stockpile of dry wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove.  Snow-blowers, shovels and melting salt should be on hand to keep all walkways clear.  You must also make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food, water, medications, warm clothing and blankets for you and your family to cover several days of need.

Stay inside your home.  If at all possible, you need to stay at home and off of the roads.  If you go outside to clear snow, make sure you are dressed in loose layers of clothing to prevent any frost-bite or hypothermia; this will also keep you the warmest while out in the elements.  If you MUST use your vehicle, make sure you have sufficient gas and an emergency roadside kit, should you need to pull off the road.  Always stay clear of downed power-lines!  Additionally, it is important to have your gas tank at least half full at all times, to prevent gas-line freeze.

Take care of your pets.  You need to treat your pets to the same precautions that you yourself would use.  Make sure they have plenty of food and water, and when they need to go outside that they are only out for a few minutes at a time.

Winter in Champaign/Urbana is a wonderful and beautiful season, filled with sledding, skiing, and other fun winter events...but you need to be prepared at all times for the weather to turn dangerous.

If you need any other valuable information about the Champaign/Urbana IL area, please feel free to contact my office at Champaignrose, and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

5 Things to do in Champaign, IL

by Rose Price

Champaign Public Library: This beautiful, resource rich, library is something Champaign, IL residents can be proud of. Friendly, informative staff are always available to help you. This is a truly amazing local library in a town the size of Champaign. This beautiful facility is bright, open and airy with lots of natural lighting and offers easy access parking.The meeting room is great  and you'll enjoy the small coffee area. Oh, I can't forget the awesome children's area.

The Art Theater: The Art Theater is a single screen, community art house,owned by members. The Theater provides a place to see films that major corporate distributors overlook; including a great many films that win international awards. The theater consistently shows a broad selection of art films and mainstream sleepers, that have been overlooked . This refreshing, little indie,art house screens fine films, at a time when society and big movie companies have increasingly limited movie goer's choices.  The Art Theater's liquor license, and home baked treats also contribute to a unique, enjoyable experience.

Memorial Stadium: The stadium is rich in history and tradition. The first thing you'll notice is the beautiful, old facade. The name "Memorial" Stadium comes from the nearly 200, Illinois, limestone columns. These amazing columns each contain the name of an Illinois soldier, who died in WWI. (More recently,service personnel who have died in subsequent wars, have been added.

Krannert Art Museum: Who would have guessed there would be such a cool art museum in Champaign, IL? The Krannert is a beautiful place, with easy access, on the University of Illinois campus. Whether you visit to see the eclectic range of art or to hear a concert, the Krannert will not disappoint.  Also, enjoy the espresso royal on the main level.

Hessell Park: This is a fantastic, big park, boasting roughly 27 acres of grass and  trees; just west of Kirby and S. Neil St. The park offers something for everyone. There's a nice 1/2 mile long, curved path surrounding the park, a big playground, a ball field, lighted tennis courts and more.Come out to run  walk your dog, play tennis or bring the kids to the playground. Hessell Park also offers the only splash pond in town. It is a small area with ground fountains and sprinkler tunnels that the kids will love. Oh, don't forget Jarlings Custard Cup for a nice Summer treat.

Downtown Champaign Illinois Things To Do

by Rose Price


Every Friday through August 16, Friday Night Live continues around downtown. One of the sites is One Main Plaza. This terrific event, sponsored by M2 tenants BankChampaign and Champaign Center Partnership among others, showcases talent from the area each Friday evening from 5-7p. Sit outside at Big Grove Tavern or Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works for the best viewing and listening angles. Loving summertime!


Best of Summer Blockbusters Series: All summer long, The Virginia Theater is showing recent and well-known films on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays for just $4. Click on the link to view the schedule. A great way to beat the heat for just a little cash!

The Public Art League will unveil its latest round of sculptures it hopes to bring to C-U on Wednesday, June 19, 5:30-7p at Big Grove Tavern. Join them for beer and hors d'oeuvres to hear a presentation about the pieces.



The Champaign Park District presents the 43rd Annual Taste of Champaign in Westside Park on June 21-23. Stroll through the park, grab something to eat from a variety of restaurants around town, including our own Ko Fusion, and listen to live music. Lots of craft vendors and kid stuff to do also.

Blues & Brews

The Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival, June 28-29, will be held behind The News Gazette building all weekend. Come eat and hear great blues music. There is also a motorcycle show. Great fun for the whole family.


Top 5 Ways to Find the Right Neighborhood for Your Family

by Rose Price

Top 5 Ways to Find the Right Neighborhood for Your Family

When making the decision to move your family, it's imperative that you find a neighborhood that best suits your family's lifestyle, needs and wants. Researching a new neighborhood before getting too far into the home-search process is critical to making the right choice. Talk to a local real estate professional and keep the following five considerations from in mind while scoping out new locations:

1. Keep your eyes peeled. Observing the neighborhood at various times of the day is a good way to get a feel for the overall vibe of the neighborhood. Be sure to visit at night as well as during the day. Pay attention to things like noise, traffic and parking. Though these may not be the first things you would think about when visiting, they will be highly important to you should you decide to move there.

2. Research the local hospitals. How far away will your potential new home be from a hospital? Is that particular hospital well established? Conducting some online research about the hospital's reputation is a good idea as well, especially for families with ailing members.

3. Check up on the school system. For those with - or planning to have - children, the school system should be one of the top areas of concern when considering a move. School ratings can be viewed online, along with various forums of parental commentary. What are others saying about the town's teachers, education, after school programs, etc.? If you can, ask others in your neighborhood about the schools, as their personal feedback speaks volumes more than an online report.

4. Research crime rates. Crime rates in a town or city are a large concern for many new homeowners. Visit the local parks both during the day and at night. How safe do they appear? What sort of police presence do you observe around town?

5. Dive deep into local amenities and public transportation. Convenience can be a make-or-break factor for a particular neighborhood, especially if you're relying on public transportation to get to work or schools. What kinds of stores are in the neighborhood and do the store hours match your lifestyle? Look into schedules and routes for busses, trains or taxis, if necessary.

A successful move doesn't solely depend on the property you purchase. To increase your family's chances of happily settling into your new home, do your due dilligence on the neighborhoods and communities you are considering. A professional real estate agent will also have a wealth of local expertise to tap into, so select the right person to work with. The more you know, the better home choice you'll make.

As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I have a wealth of real estate and homeownership information that may be of help to you. Feel free to contact me any time to learn more about this important information, and be sure to forward this article on to any friends or family that may be interested as well.


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